Revisiting Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

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Rand’s approach is different from what we were used before. Sometimes people are too selfish. Ayn Rand has written so much advocating for people to act in selfish manners. By selfish she means, one has to propel her happiness first, trade value for value, work hard genuinely to achieve your purpose and lastly, no faith should be followed but instead reason. All her thoughts are termed to be objectivism. She simply believes in exploring it for yourself. This spotlight majorly focuses on the discussion of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy.

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“Revisiting Ayn Rand’s Philosophy”

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Ayn Rand (1905 to 1982) is one of the most renowned philosophers of her time. Additionally, she is recognized as having some of the best-selling novels which explicitly talks about the philosophical view of objectivism. The core principle of her ideas is basically on self-interest and disregard of altruism. It is not of any benefit to believe in convection other than valuing yourself. Philosophy comprises various aspects such as metaphysics, ethics and epistemological dimensions which precede politics and in the long run influence economics. Rand believes that the mind of an individual is competent enough to the extent to which they can obtain valid knowledge objectively. The moralism theory she developed is based on the rational behavior of individuals who acts in his/her self-interest and on the principles they have set for themselves. (O’neill).

Objectivism is a term that has been used often. What does objectivism refer to? This word had been driven by the idea that human’s value and knowledge are objective. This implies that we live in reality. Rand established his philosophical arguments by first highlighting it in three major points: Identity, existence, and consciousness. The concept of identity was a difficult one to prove but she depicted that it exists through the application the principle of causation in action. She had a strong belief in the action of entities thus she gave out a strong explanation on the actions of entities. Entities act is dependent of a specific nature or occurrence which is very unique to them. This shows that they will act differently depending on the various situations at hand. According to Ayn, this proves deeper knowledge of her concepts as it explains that different firms will act differently. This is a clear indicator of causation which points out the unique ability to distinguish the firms. Through her analysis, Identity stands out as the main point in arguing about objectivism (Younkins).

The axiom of existence is an interesting theme to explain. This is critically her main focus on the bases of her knowledge. Her argument points out to the fact that existence is self-evident. There is a strong correlation between existence and self-identity. Attributes consist of a large percentage of existence as no one can exist without having any specific elements. The absence of nature leads to a lack of existence. Rand’s explanations greatly point out that to the fact that creates a distinction between something and nothing. For the individuals to live and in their quest to obtain knowledge, reality strikes in. Our senses cannot lie to us (O’neill).

Consciousness creates our being. It makes us alive and can perceive various things differently. According to Randy, individuals have to perceive the things which have an existence. Further, she stated that this principle does not exist alone as one has to be conscious of something. It is very difficult to create a distinction between consciousness and reality as they are conceptualized together. This is a clear indication that our minds work to discover reality but cannot create it in the real sense. Her arguments are evident that consciousness is the basic axiom and all the principles rely on it. It’s the supreme concept which indicates a thorough search of knowledge.

The works of Ayn have a lot of influence even in the present world as they are still being sold. Her writings have had a lot of critics over time. She has taken for granted objectivity and validity of senses. Through her writings, she does not establish the fact that knowledge can be obtained from other sources such as God and emotions. Notably, she is an atheist and does not believe in the existence of God. It would be wrong to ideally help those people who have virtues only. Despite all, these critics, her unique vision and evaluation of theories should highly be considered.

In conclusion, rationalism has been explained in greater detail concerning the Randy concept of objectivism. She believes in laissez-faire capitalism theories. A man should exist on himself but not necessarily for others. The concept of existence is real and should never be disregarded. All her arguments point out to selfish desires. Her way of explaining value is unique as she argues that no philosopher before had expounded on the need for codes of values. Egoism is a clear theme that has continually been illustrated. The reasoning is a very important attribute which makes it easy for all the other things to follow easy. She is simply “the objectivist”

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