Substance Abuse in Childhood

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All through out histoy child abuse has always be apart of society. There is no denying that it is still an issue in an American today. Back in the 90s there were more than 18 million cases reported on child abuse to social services. That would also include about 2,000 child deaths reported annually. Furthermore more there were more than 100,00 that were reports of serious injury made towards a child. Unfortunately all those counts of abuse still limited our knowledges of the long term effects a child undergoes for the remainder of their lives. These reports brought to light the little we know about how society interacts with each other and how it leads to the abuse.

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“Substance Abuse in Childhood”

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It is safe to mention that we as a society still have an issue with trying to figure out what the root cause of this issue is. There are services required for children faced with neglect and abuse, but the services are very costly. Services that are known as conscleing, medicare, foster care and special education. It was estimated that back in the 90s these services cost the U.S more than 500 million dollars. Another daming fact was that child neglect was in direct correlation with juvenile delinquency, violence and substance abuse meaning the requirement of further services is needed to combat this issue.

Why is it important we have thr proper research on child abuse?

Conducting research on child abuse and neglect is not an easy task to do. As of now we are in the shadows of what we know about the cause of child maltreatment. We are not as informed of the consequences of child maltreatment. The information we have does not always match the reports we have under our data. As you can tell abuse of any kind is usually reported due to suspicious meaning the person committing the crime is trying to conceal evidence as much as possible. By the time authorities find out about the abuse it is usually too late or as matter of fact it is extremely difficult to treat a victim someone who has been through such trauma. They then deem a danger to society and could grow into troubled adults. But still there is little known knowledge of child maltreatment and what the cause of it is. Little is known on what presidoses adult to commit this abuse as well.

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