My Research on Substance Abuse


Earlier this year my family became troubled as a growing awareness of substance abuse within our home came to light. It was a tremendous shock, evidently this was an unexpected event. Unbeknownst to us we would struggle through the next following months in fear of this ‘weed’ which grabbed hold of our ‘garden’. It is common for users to exhibit unnatural behavior, which we of course encountered numerous amounts of time.

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As an elder sister, I was naturally concerned for my brother. The outcome was always the unknown, it was like that dark corner in your bedroom, the one where there was no light. The struggle continues even to this day. Our Father isn’t even sure if my brother had stopped the substance abuse. Although, he has an inkling feeling that this problem still continues. We are not alone in this either. Many families go through similar struggles with a family member.

It is estimated that there are between 119 million and 244 million cannabis users worldwide. And the number is continuously rising. Reports from Hospital ER’s state that the majority of these users are young adults. The death toll continues rising along with the number of users which is tremendously worrisome.  These substances are profoundly popular and particularly appealing to the young people (as young as ten years old). These young people are being roped into these situations seeking a different experience without knowing the consequences that could follow.

Literature Review:

As I commenced my research I came across an article, Synthetic Marijuana: A Recent Turmoil in Substance Abuse by Tellioglu, Tahir, and Celebi, Fahri. This intriguing article explains in detail the information regarding Marijuana, and other substances alike. They explain how Marijuana is one of many commonly abused substances which are often than not, consumed for their impact on the body.

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