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My name is Benito E. Valdez and I belong to Houston, TX. This statement intends an applying for Master of Electronic, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology with a specialization in Electrical Engineering at Tianjin University, China through Chinese Govt. Scholarship.

Academic background

My academic background is very linear. I completed my School of Science & Engineering in 2011. Faisalabad securing 92.63% marks. Consequent to my excellent performance, I was able to get admission in Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)at University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, one of the modern and top-ranked engineering universities in my country. I successfully completed my degree in November 2017 with CGPA of 3.4/4.

Motivation for Further Studies

I feel it appropriate to mention here that in spite of having an Electrical Engineering degree from University of Engineering & Technology, why I have planned and decided to take up Master of Electrical Engineering.  With the passage of time I have realised that promotional prospects are diminished without a Master’s degree. The salaries would increase rather slower; the learning environment is little missing then. The people having a Master’s Degree are more likely to get a better job, with better salaries. Bigger firms tend to be more receptive to internationally qualified candidates as they believe that they are proved to be better workers as they can show diverse skills at job. Thus, doing Masters from China means attractive commodity for the multi-nationals, better work-stations upon returning to Pakistan. I believe unless one’s personality is well groomed during studies, success chances are limited.

In Short, the evaluation of future growth, the dynamics of my personality, international learning environment, Master’s degree from a renowned institute, the consultation I sought from the professionals here, the financial support of my parents and passion to grow made me to take this planned and approved decision.

Why China for Higher Studies

I made a research regarding the foreign universities with the aim of selecting the most suitable destination for the study. I short listed four English speaking countries, which included the UK, Australia, Canada and USA. However, after careful research and consultation with my seniors and teachers, I decided to choose China. Chinese Universities impart quality education at a lower cost as compared to the world. In fact, China is a pioneer in the field of education. The education in
Australia is generally recognised for conducive environment for imparting quality education. The faculty of the institutions is highly qualified and has
extensive experience of research. I will have the opportunity to learn from expert and qualified teachers who will provide a thorough understanding of my selected
field. I will be able to nurture academic skills which will inculcate in me the ability to learn and think creatively, which will be definitely an edge over my

Moreover, China s known for its multicultural environment. The Chinese have been known for their friendly and co-operative behaviour. Furthermore, China is one of the leading countries of the world especially in fields of science, business and information technology. The graduates of the Australian universities are working in top positions all over the globe. Chinese is a place which beside modernisation still preserves and holds many ancient cultures and civilisations including Aboriginal Culture. This exposure will bestow me an opportunity to interact with students from across the world and compare myself with them as a student as well as an individual. I'll learn to work as a team, to communicate effectively with others that will help me a lot in my future life.

It is interesting to state here that courses with similar titles are offered here in Pakistan in public and private sector, but their quality of education and worth in the job market is minimal. It is partially owing to the provided quality of education, but there is also a psyche of our students as well as employers to rank the foreign qualified professionals higher than the locally qualified people. Very few institutes offering quality education in Pakistan have very limited spaces and their fees are comparatively same as international education providers. Therefore, one should make a wise decision of studying in Chinese to get international exposure along with highly regarded qualifications.

My proposed Education provider (Chongqing University)

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the prospective institute. After careful research, I have decided to choose Chongqing University. Decades ago, TJU started consequent to the merger of numerous existing separately-administered institutions with the aim of providing quality education to a sector of society. The vivacious, diverse and student-focused university currently boasts thousands of students belonging to multifarious fields of life. Furthermore, towards the Electrical revolution, TJU has been providing remarkable education. TJU is recognised for its exceptional efforts in information technology in quite a few perspectives along with worth-appreciating QS ranking. Additionally, it provides a unique approach toprofessionalism, combining the latest technological innovations with an innovative perspective that challenges its students to create industry-projects. It continues to lay emphasis on evolving technologies, industry rendezvous and flexible learning possibilities. It ensures that students acclimatise and progress with the passage of time. It delivers pertinent education to the students. TJU is still committed to the basic principles of equal chance, student-centred learning besides industry rendezvous.

TJU is internationally recognised for quality research which associates science and technology to the entrepreneurship and the community. Its ranking in numerous esteemed world academic ranking lists is a clear evidence of its commitment to superior teaching and research.

Since its inception, TJU has produced countless graduates who have been success stories in their selected industries which accounts for present graduate employment rate of over 12%. Latest survey results have revealed that 81% domestic graduates of TJU were able to get employment inside four months of completing their bachelor degree. Moreover, TJU is recognised for the best graduate employment rates in China.

Course Selection

I have found the course of Master of Electrical Engineering to be most appropriate for me as it has all the subjects I am interested in and which are necessary to excel in modern life. I have already gone through its course contents. The Master of Electrical Engineering is premeditated for students desirous of broadening their professional understanding and to assume studies which are expected to further fortify a selected field of EE. Consequent to up-to-date research as well as project work, the course is focused on the industry.

Through developing EE associated professional administration and communication skills, research methods and principles, and reinforcing a selected EE specialization, this postgraduate course will enhance the student’s associated undergraduate qualifications. Salient features of this course take account of the Project and Internship, which bestow the students the chances of gaining cognizance, know-how and acquaintances to the industry, while facilitating them in applying their skills, knowledge and techniques to resolve the industry associated issues.

The course aims at EE for diversifying their career and enhancing their present EE specialty through modern studies. Graduates will be capable of leading and applying innovative technical as well as management skills for the designing, procuring and maintaining the engineering projects.

The core courses of my proposed degree are Emerging Technologies and Innovation. In addition to these courses, I’ll have to complete elective units.

Future Plans

My current professional title is “Assistant Electrical Engineer”.  In organisational hierarchy, a Network Engineer is a person who does not only manage but also ensures the security of networks. Therefore, after achieving a professional master’s degree in Network Security, there are very bright chances that I will be able to secure a position of management in IT firms. CPEC is also producing numerous jobs.

After completing Master of Information Technology course, I’ll be capable of demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and skills in professional practice related to Electrical Engineering. Also, I will possess cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Network Management. After completing this course, by applying suitable research principles, methods and research skills, I’ll be capable of planning and executing a research project in a pertinent EE topic. Furthermore, this course will facilitate me to contemplate hands-on issues and multifaceted problems related to Electrical Engineering.

After completing my course in China, I have strong intentions of coming back to my home country to achieve my goals for which I studied this course. The international graduates are warmly welcomed in my country and they have much higher rates of obtaining a position in a multi-national or government firm. Therefore, my Chinese qualification will help me in securing a top level position in National Transmission & Dispatch Company, Water And Power Development Authority, Water And Sanitation Agency & CPEC etc. 

Graduates from this programme have the potential to secure job easily. As they study a wide array of subjects, they are welcomed warmly because of inter-disciplinary knowledge. What I am going to focus on is not only the salary but the better work places that are often the marked features of multi-national firms. These firms are more generous and welcoming to international graduates especially. As it’s an established mind-set among the employers here that unlike local graduates, the candidates with over-seas qualification have more potential. Thus, they are more ready to pay them the better salaries and opportunities. I am sure that number of opportunities will be waiting for me in Pakistan. I will be all the more delighted to serve my country with the knowledge that I will acquire
in China to turn my dream into reality.

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