Strategic Options for Organisations

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Part A   Identify a strategic option for an organisation.

  1. Develop at least three proposed organisational goals for the strategic plan in consultation with:

Stakeholders. Stakeholders refer to individuals and groups that have interest in the organisation and/or its products or services. Stakeholders may include but are not limited to – customers, suppliers, owners, shareholders, lenders, managers, employees, employee organisations, local community, competitors, and regulatory bodies. In line with stakeholder needs, and With reference to any existing strategic plan.   Organisation: Linguis International Institute - Auckland (A) To implement Biometric system for the year 1/2014-2015 to check it in initial 2 months with respect to machine working. It is used for security of information and check/authentificaton of information and utilizing thumb print and saving it to get complete profile about the student. (B)To implement Model system of learning for next 2 years (online) and to be check in initial 6 months whether arrangement is on suitable way or not (C) Using the Biometric system – this can be used for regular attendance to be kept up for a academic year and dependability of time (maintained) from 9 am to 4pm from Wednesday to Friday up to September of 2013. And the percentage of attendance should not be low than 75 percent. 2. Identify at least three strategic options through results of an environmental analysis that are consistent with the organisation’s purpose, direction and values . Environmental analysis of three strategic options through swot analysis that are predictable with organisation, purpose ,directions and values: Strength

  1. Wi-Fi and computer facility is provided.
  2. Lingui’s international institute is authorised by NZQA
  3. The college finds issues of scholars and they will the help the students by giving plans .


  1. The Wi-Fi speed is very slow because there are many student use the internet at the same time.
  2. Condition of chairs and tables are not good.
  3. The surface of liguis international institute is limited in comparison with other colleges.


  1. There should be a debate on topics of business management at the end of the classes.
  2. Lingui’s international institute should also start a new college in capital on New Zealand.
  3. The linguis college ought to keep separate exam and interview to students to give admission by video call interview.


  1. Here the scholars are high in number for each level of class so there ought to be just constrained in number and it ought to be 10 to 12.
  2. The hygienic kitchen is not kept up every time as a result of that any sorts of flu's or viral diseases we can get.

3.Determine the feasibility of strategic options in terms of the ability to meet the three proposed organisational goals (Q1). You must select the two most feasible options from Q1 with consultation with at least two stakeholders. (a) Model system of learning through online in consultation with stake holder lee--

  • Model system means we live n era of advanced computer technology. Learning is supported by data and technological correspondence. Each student must be mindful of e learning that is not restricted to obtaining of IT fitness yet is utilized within much reason through software, web, and seeking through different sites.
  • The student when he goes to the school he must be given a login id in regards to web learning where student ought to login into that so he can get every information in that login school website.
  • Usage of this system might benefit from structural approach, actualizing time to time and student could be assessed.

(B) Attendance and promptness of time through records in conference with lee----

  • If the learner needs to take leave he ought to inform the school by doing telephone call to principal or keeping E-mail to teacher.
  • If student won't go to the school normally or in nonattendance the administration can make disciplinary move by charging punishment some amount of dollars for starting warning and second warning incorporates they can any disciplinary movement by rusticating and withdrawn of admission.
  • The immigration of nz is having a complete profile of scholar and learner should to keep up normal attendance and he ought not do work more than 20 according to immigration rules during coming to school.

(c) Biometric system in discussions with stake holder need harry randhawa----

  • Here biometric system refers to a machine which is used for control ,verification and storage of data.
  • The biometric system is valuable for institution where if scholar comes late to the school the machine won't accept the attendance. it is composed in such a way, to the point that according to school timings and the machine programming and programmer ought to be planned and introduced according to school timings and guidelines.
  • The attendance must be kept up through biometric system where students thumb impression is taken by the machine day by day morning, evening and in the departure from the school evening time.

The two most feasible options are for further analysis in consultation with at least two stakeholders in terms of: Costs Benefits Risks. The feasibility of options in ability to meet proposed organisation for further analysis with two stake holders; Costs The online system of learning , it is doable expense for installation and to purchase that software it likewise obliges cost. In different foundations and in different nations they follow model learing .this might be affordable by administration and where it is of less cost and not time taking process so that lecturer and scholar supporter can save his time. The biometric system expense is less for every machine .Its establishment charges are likewise less and the linguis like organization can afford ,because only one machine is needed for a class and executive requires one machine . Benefits The profits of online system is that model learing includes where time saving by instructor and learner ,supporter and administrator where one can enhance his learning and correspondence with online learning. The biometric system benefits includes machine assesses, the checks and confirm the attendance of a scholar and likewise complete profile of student information is saved and time management criteria. Risks: The risk includes is therewith the online system of learning and biometric system where biometric system is a machine costly enough if a person breaks the machine or does any mischievous thing the machine gets harmed and information won't be saved .so cameras in class must be kept to avoid the circumstances. Also online system the information might be hacked by hackers and presenting of virus in that software, to anticipate it antivirus software needed. 4. Select and justify the preferred strategic option identified in Q3 in terms of its ability to meet each of the following:

  • Organisational purpose
  • Organisation direction, and
  • Organisational values.

Organisational purpose (a )The organisational purpose primary thing to give the quality of training to international students from everywhere throughout the world who come. (b) The reason for them is the place profession begins and learning this is the principle point of Lingui's. Organisation direction (a) To present worldwide learners the New Zealand culture. (b) To give introduction program for the new students in better way. (C) The principle Moto is to direct debates and classes and oral presentation. Organisational values (a) To give close relationship among distinctive religious and culture. (b) The association value is that where carrier and learning begins. (C) To give scholars expert and environment in which to teach and learn. PART B Produce a strategic plan for the implementation of at least one strategic option for an organisation. The strategic plan may be a documented plan or a statement of strategic intent supported by a range of plans. 1. Your plan must include the following necessary actions required to implement the preferred strategic option determined Part A: resources, critical outcomes, timescales and milestones Contingency planning (PC 2.1) Biometric system is a machine it is advanced equipment used by institutions to concentrate on the scholars attendance and time and organizations normal information record , all records saving by using of finger print. Resources The linguis institute is one of the best institute in competition with different colleges which has been sanction by newzealand qualitative authority .In this competitive world the linguis institute needed to implement particular resources to achieve heights in business regarding education. Here to implement the biometric system, To bring this kind of system in institute first Auckland management institution group to hold a meeting and to take a decision about implement this system. At that point they have to speak with managing director to implement this system. The resources required are to speak company agent regarding need 4 machines so to order them and to get it for reasonable price as opposed to real prize. Then to speak with the company manager regarding installation procedure and to be done according to linguis requirements like attendance, time and data saving for 2 years plan. Critical outcomes Critical outcomes are nothing yet a change is required. So institution dependably needs to check like 6 months to verify and to have assessment, estimation about instiution result in every segment and to correct and to come up with new plans and to implement this is itself a change. here institution needs a bio metric machine where it is automatic so no need of running with manual work or separate staff to care for the learners attendance, entry of students to the college and saving of administration documents in regards to day by day work plan each with that of machine simply to use technology is best key alternative and can have correct results. So linguis organization ought to be diverse when compared with other colleges. Timescales and milestones Time scale is the timeline for my bio metric system, a machine to actualize the strategic options for the year 2015 and for 2 years up to 2017 a to be installed in such a way, to the point that while for every college timings and 9 to 5 from Monday to Saturday and attendance plan of software for 2 years work 2017.for like 6 month to bring the machine company individual and to check the working of it and saved information in machine transferring to the floppy's and cd writer. milestones The launch of this system can help in time saving, it is the main miles stone for linguis organization and manual work can be diminished. The biometric use can help in developing threat of identifying theft and making services more advantageous for students, staff and coach by perfect output of the results Today most of the industries and companies are also using this technology. Contingency planning The contingency planning for my biometric framework if my plan fail that mean if a machines gets harmed and can repaired by bringing fittings expert. Like that if records get ruined or virus is there and can bring over to original position by utilizing antivirus of software. so back up plan is ready with the software professional. 2. Your strategic plan must be documented and authorised according to organisational requirements. The strategic plan is that Lingui's organization was created in 1996 in Christchurch .Initially foundation runned with 13 students and now at present in 2013 300 scholars are there. Furthermore in Auckland began in year 2012 .The both institute reaction is of managing director and principal they are mike and mae Dawson. The managing director and principal casually meet stake holders especially every 6 months ,business advisory meetings will be held for every 6 month and new Zealand qualitative authority from that one member goes to the occasion meeting to check and confirm with respect to the strategy plan and how they are executing the plans and whether they are keeping up the standard or not. In meetings the advisory committee come up with strategies in meetings and simply to take the plans in meetings and advices into attention . Always for huge investment and for giant kind of projects, long strategic plan is needed in business and to get the exact output. 3.Strategic plan is communicated to stakeholders in a manner that encourages understanding, commitment and enthusiasm. Stake holders of an organization include: The director of studies(lee kammerer) marketing manager(harry randhawa) Faculty of teaching staff (john cook) students 1

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