South Sudan

Southern Sudan was part of the Sudan country from which it seceded itself in the year 2011 with the help of United States. It is a country that is rich in mineral like oil, and it has a fertile land that can support farming to help its large population. This paper will be investigating the humanitarian intervention in South Sudan.

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“South Sudan”

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Towards the end of the year 2013, there has been a brutal civil war between the ruling leaders that is President Salva Kiir who is from Dinka ethnic group and also Riek Machar from the Nuer group. They are have made the current government to be dysfunctional and have made the country to move towards genocide kind of just like their neighbour Rwanda. Negotiations between the two leaders to stop fighting over each other has not yet born fruits. The two leaders started fighting when Machar was fired from the government by Kiir because he was kind of wanted to overthrow the government. And since then a lot of civil war has been in the country. Around 2 million people out of 11.6 million of the people in the country have fled from their homes. This has disrupted the agricultural production in the country as well as the accessibility of the people to the local market is a problem. Food shortage has increased at rate and health needs has been scarce. The economic growth and rate of the development in the country are at very low rate despite the fact that the country is rich in oil.

The United Nations has been sending its troops to South Sudan to protect the life of the civilian from the mass killing. Their effort has not yet helped the country to get out of the crisis that it is in. This has contributed the other countries like the United States of America to get in. The doctrine of the responsibility that usually for dealing with the cases of crime against humanity or genocides has been put forward has not born fruits. Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has is one of the diplomat actors that has to threaten the Southern Sudanese political parties to enforce sanctions on them for not abiding with the terms of keeping the peace. But has never put sanctions on them and that is why they are continuing with the civil war. The dry season of the country together with the civil war is leading to the killing of thousands of people. This fighting seems to continue, and hence it will subject the civilians to violence and even genocide. This is predictions also states that the drought and loss of agricultural workforce will lower food supply in South Sudan.

The cause of the conflict in southern Sudan is political and ethnic conflict, general underdevelopment as well as the struggle for the resources. The main cause of the humanitarian crisis in southern Sudan was the political-military conflict that arose between Kiir and Machar after having a lot of rivalries. Kiir has tried to uphold his power, but Machar weakened the southern Sudan government. The rebel leader Machar had called for reforms, and this loosens the Kiir’s power. This political conflict has led to exploitation of ethnic affiliations. General underdevelopment due to southern Sudan being unable to control its resources together with foreign aids since it is a new country. It was unable to manage its resources to bring development. The two main resources in southern Sudan had fuelled to civil war; oil and agriculture. Each party was fighting to get its resources which fuelled the war.

The state at which south Sudan is forcing United States to face a significant pressure of acting. Various interventions are trying to be put in place to affect the political dynamics that in line with the humanitarian crisis. They include the following; use of the o direct military intervention. The U.S government by doing will be able to save its troops together with its aid workers from being harmed by the civilians who are fighting. U.S also needs to provide intervention so that it can provide humanitarian aid in the neighbouring countries. Since thousands of the southern Sudanese refugees have moved to the border countries, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. If U.S isin the position of adding some more aid to them, they will be able to accommodate the refugees in a better way after adding what comes from the UN. The United Statesneeds to intervene in South Sudan by itself. Ifit does this, it will be able to assist the civilians who have been displaced by giving them food and shelter. They will do this by use of helicopters to reach the no gone zones due to poor roads.

It is important to note that the United States needs to use humanitarian with peace enforcement; this is the most ambitious option to bring a lot of peace. The aim of this will be to look into the cause of the human tragedy, the conflict that is existing and the alleviating human suffering. This will be accompanied by coming up with aid for the citizens and then set up delivering stations. To bring peace in South Sudan, U.S needs to separate the two warring parties. In case one party breaches the agreements then U.S will be forced to open fire so that it cans p-prevent further conflict. By doing this U.S will cool the war in the south Sudan.

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