Nelson Mandela and South Africa

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Have you ever heard of South Africa and how Nelson brought apartheid to an end? Well if you didn’t today is your lucky day, because I will tell you every little thing that I know about South Africa and what happened there. South Africa is one of the most geographical countries in the African Continent. It is located in the Southern tip of Africa, It is also along the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. South Africa’s climate is hot and comfortable.

Rolihlahla Mandela was borned in the Madiba Clan in the village of Mvezo on July 18, 1918. He attended primary school in Qunu where his teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave him the name Nelson. Hearing the older people stories and what they were famous for, Nelson wanted to be famous for something too. Mandela wanted people be together and be a family, no matter what color you are.

Nelson joined the African National Congress in 1944 to help establish the African National Congress Youth League. The ANC adopted a more radical mass-based policy, the Programme of Action, in 1949. White people in South Africa were very racist with black people in the olden days but Nelson Mandela, and his team ended all the racism in South Africa,which is now called Apartheid. Nelson Mandela's role in bringing apartheid to an end was very important to Black People.

In 1952 he was chosen as the National Volunteer-in-Chief of the Defiance Campaign. He went to jail from 1962 to 1990 (27 years), during that time he had become an international symbol for the anti-apartheid movement. As soon as he got out from jail (1990), he went back to his speeches and meetings in South Africa. Mandela was elected the first black President in 1994 through 1999. Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement gained international support as there were worldwide protests and sanctions against the apartheid government. Nelson Mandela sadly died on December 5, 2013.

South Africa has one of the world’s worst education systems, it is 75 out of 76 in the world. Unfortunately, after apartheid ended South Africa’s maths and science education comes in last place. This is due to some of the unhealed wounds of apartheid. The country is trying to innovatively improve its educational system. In light of this educational struggle, some type of educational reformation must come about.

Housing is one of the biggest problems facing South Africa. Even though many South Africans have access to low cost housing from the government, findings show that most of the housing problems are caused by corruption and mismanagement. This is because South Africans don’t have a lot of money to pay for things in their country. South Africa’s lights in the houses cut off sometimes due to them not having a lot of money.

The government of South Africa is ramping up efforts to get more land into black ownership because white people bought most of the land in Africa. White people own 72 percent of South Africa's land and black South Africans, who make up 80 percent of the population, own just 4 percent. This is not fair because it is being selfish and racist to black people.

White people earn more money in South Africa then black people because white people are trying to be racist. This is why white people buy more stuff and have more beautiful houses then black people. South Africa is the world’s most unequal country.

White people are still racist after apartheid but not really as racist like they were before apartheid because the ANC ended apartheid. White people cannot hit black people anymore, if they do they would go to jail (it is illegal).

The white employees treat the black employees wrong because they are trying to act like south africa belong to them.

The ANC is still helping black people out, the only difference is that mandela is not there.

Music plays a big role in South Africa, people in Africa love music because it make them happy and turn into a good mood. If singing in a choir could lead to you being stronger and happier , then singing in South Africa will too. Singing in different sections adds great value to your life because you will have more faith in yourself.

Music make people feel a type mood. The words in the songs are very important because it basically tells you what the singer is talking about. The beats are important too, because if there are no beats then the song would be weird. Another thing that is important is articulation because you need to know what the singer is saying. 

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