Sleep Deprivation Causes Productivity Loss

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One is that sleep deprivation causes productivity loss and can be dangerous. Not necessary Some people have argued that this does not have much of an effect beyond bags under your eyes and the occasional yawn. Although this has been proven bad for productivity, some employers require their employees to receive special training on low sleep work. Even with this training sleep deprivation could still cause catastrophic damage in the transportation field and medical field.

Some of the worst accidents in history have been caused by sleep deprivation. One of these accidents, was caused by two engineers who were without sleep for 18 hours and had only received a small amount this then led to the death of 30 people, the injury of 300 people, and relocation of thousands of people. But even if you aren’t a nuclear engineer your sleep deprivation can cause you and others to be injured or killed. In the year 2013 alone sleep deprived driving caused 72,000 car crashes 44,000 people injured and cost 800 people their lives. With the amount of time you spend in car each day most likely saying this may be dangerous is an understatement. But some would like to argue with these statements saying that the negative. With one source saying some are not affected by sleep deprivation as others (Matthews, Melissa). This could mean that you should just put in more hours and not bother with the sleeping thing that much. But a more reasonable solution would be to sleep and see how long it takes your body to naturally wake up, and then you should then base your bed time of that and the time you need to wake up. This is not saying that the once a month late night essay will kill you. This is just a warning and a reminder to make sure you are getting enough sleep every night.

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