Significant Ideas of the Renaissance

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The Top Trends

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The Black Death/ Bubonic Plague

It started in the early 1330r's it also started in China. The plague affected mostly rodents but the fleas that were affected could affect people that got touched by the fleas. When someone was affected it could affect other people very quickly. The Black Plague causes painful swelling, fevers, and buboes and that is how the Bubonic Plague got its name. Since China was big and a big trading area it would spread fasted to Asia and Europe it was still going in October 1347. That August the plague had spread to England in England it was called The Black Death because of the spots that appeared on the skin that were black.

Even when the worst had been overcome little outbreaks still appeared. This went on for five years and 25 million people died because of it. In the winter the Plague seemed to disappear but sadly it came back every spring to attack people with the The Black Death. The Plague didnt disappear completely till the 1600r's and the people in the medieval area never recovered from the Plague.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was a important person in the renaissance history because of 1. her beauty and 2. for being beheaded. Anne Boleyn was born in Blickling Hall, Blickling, United Kingdom but sadly they dont know what day or month Anne was born in just the year 1501. She first started working for Henry as Henryr's mistress and then they wrote love notes and fell in love. Then they wanted to get married but before they could be married Henry had to stop his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. He then did achieve his goal and they got married on January 1533. Her parents were Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Boleyn.

Later on with their marriage they had a child and it was a girl her name was Elizabeth and that was their first child to survive infancy. She then became Queen of England she was queen for 3 years. Then henry started seeing other girls in the castle like Jane Seymour Anne then started questioning his absence and he would not answer any of her questions. Henry then became upset and he didnt like her asking so many questions so he decided he wanted to marry a different girl. He decided to marry Jane Seymour and again he had to think of a way to stop his marriage with Anne Boleyn see he thought he was going to have her beheaded. Anne was beheaded at the Tower of London in 1536 sadly she didnt live long and that was the end of Anne Boleyn.

The Renaissance Entertainment

During this time it was a time that a lot of things changed like they wanted nicer clothes, better foods, and arts. Their entertainment was different than the Greekr's or Romer's they had games people now a days play. People during the Renaissance loved entertainment because what else could they do with their spare time. They did festivals and sporting events like jousting, horseshoes, and many more. People also played games like chess, and checkers this was very enjoyed to them back then.

During the Renaissance they also enjoyed Carnivals and they dressed up and just goofed off and had some fun. Theses Carnivals would take place right before Lent each and every year. They also had another game like chess and checkers it was backgammon. People in the Renaissance liked to also paint and make beautiful artwork. They also had festivals that were for the christian holiday.

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