Art in Renaissance Period

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Renaissance Art

In the first part of this paper, I will give an introduction of Renaissance art (What is it? When, where and why did it happen?). In the second part, I suggest the different schools, different painting styles, techniques and themes of Renaissance art in each century. In the third portion, I specifically explain the art works and biographies of three most important Renaissance artists. Lastly, I represent the impact in which Renaissance art produce in Europe and the world.

Renaissance art is a period in European history, which starts in around 14 century, and in full swing in 15 century, then reaches the peak point in 16 century. Renaissance art was happened in Florence, Italy, then spreads out to the rest part of Europe; in particular in Germany, Italy and Nederland, a lot of outstanding artists were born in these countries. The are several reasons why Renaissance started in Italy. Firstly, Medici family supported a large sum of fund on artists. Medici family controlled Florence because they were very wealthy and powerful, they have many banks and their business were over the Europe. Medici family loved art, they liked to see different styles of arts, so they encouraged artists to experiment new art forms or different styles of paintings. Also, Medici family putted a lot of effort on supporting artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonard da Vinci, etc.

As a result, supporting from Medici family helped the development of Renaissance art. Secondly, due to the black death and urbanization in Italy, feudal economic system collapsed. Feudalism was a dominant social system, it structured society in a way of holding land in exchange for labor and service. The social forces were released after the collapsing of feudal economic system. In this way, people became more freer, they started to doubt old things and try new things; also, they began to release their pressurized emotions through different mediums in particular in painting. Finally, the city-states of Italy was located in the Mediterranean Sea, which was the center of commercial intercourse. However, because of the black death, the increasing number of people died. That is to say, there were less labors, which led to high price of workforce. But merchants didnt want to pay high price, so they started to try another thing such as art with fewer opportunities to extend.

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