Shakey’s Research Paper

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Introduction Shakey’s is the first successful pizza restaurant chain in the Philippines. In the 70s-80s, they use to feature bands, in their restaurants. try any of their thin- crust pizzas. Shakey’s the number 1 pizza restaurant in the Philippines. For the generations, Shakey’s has been the neighborhood gathering place, where family and friends come together to share great food and good times. Where Shakey’s things cup and growing with anew generation of family fun. Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson and his partner big Ed Plummer opened the first Shakey’s pizza parlor more than 10 years ago. It all started in a remodeled grocery store on 57th and “j” streets in Sacramento California back in 1954. Shakey and Ed wanted to open all pizza and beer joint, but with a little something unique. They provided delicious Shakey’s pizza, the cold beer and live Dixieland music for the entertainment, Shakey’s pizza quickly become known as they world greatest pizza. Today, Shakey’s still serves the delicious pizza made famous by ours founders, using the best ingredients and dough prepared fresh, everyday.Keeping the tradition of great food and family entertainment, Shakey’s is giving up with exciting changes, newly remodeled restaurants, improved and expanded menus, state of the art game rooms and expansion plans to open new Shakey’s nationwide. Since its establishments, stands to be the perfect gathering place for friends and families, and indeed for anyone to enjoy great food.

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Chapter I

Company profile In 1954, Sherwood “shakey” Johnson pooled his funds with those of college friend, Ed Plummer, to open the first Shakeys outlet. The building was a remodeled grocery store located at “57th and “j” streets in Sacramento, California. The parlor opened on Friday evening, april 30 with the help of their friends. As the ovens, were not complete, only beer was sold the first weekend. Johnson entertained guests by playing the piano and Plummer serves the beer. With the money from the beer sales, the partners bought pizza products and began selling pizzas o0n Monday. Ten (10) days later, they had fourteen employees and month later, Dixieland entertainment jazz was added.

The restaurant at “57’ and ‘j” streets has grossed millions of dollars and still a successful Shakey’s today. With success of the first Sacramento restaurant, Johnson and Plummer opened a second Shakey’s two years later in a remodeled mattreys factory on foster road in Portland Oregon. The Shakey’s name and concept were already familiar due to the nightly jazz radio program they sponsored. In 1957 Shakey’s service companies began franchising. Opening that year were franchised restaurants in settle, Washington, Albany, Oregon, Carmichael, concord and Marysville, California. The franchise units also introduce a standed Shakey’s building design. Prior to it, the restaurants have always been located in existing remodeled structures. Shakey’s began to expand outside the United States with the opening of Mexico City restaurant on May 7, 1968. The first Japanese restaurant opened in Osaka, Japan on July 26, 1976. Expansion continued with a restaurant in Makati, Philippines in 1975.

Today there are over 500 Shakey’s restaurant world wide. Pizza is stilled the mainstray at today’s Shakey’’s, whether it’s our original thin crust version with its crispy, crunchy taste or the classic hand tossed pizza with dough bake thick and chewy. Shakeys guests also find a wide spectrum of ala-carte items including marinated pressure fried chicken, our exclusive mojo potatoes and pasta. MISSION To always exceed expectations and become the best in class by making things happen and getting things done. We will wow them all! VISION To be the leading and preferred pizza restaurant by consistently serving the best tasting, high quality food through fast, efficient and friendly service in a clean, fun environment. We provide our guests the best value for their money and very memorable experiences. CORE VALUES: GUEST FOCUSED To wow our guests( external and internal), exceeding….. not just meeting their expectations. ANALYTICAL We apply “critical thinking” in all major decisions. e are a thinking organization. PASSION We are self-driven, intense and persistent. We have the ability to energize ourselves and everyone around us.


We make things happen…….. We get things done.


We are ethical, honest, just, reliable and honorable. our integrity is beyond doubt.


We will do things better than before, better than the others and better than expected. Good enough is never enough.. RESPECT We create on environment where everyone will be appreciated and recognized for the effort they put in. SENSE OF OWNERSHIP Loyalty, dedication, commitment and malasakit to the business.. thinking and deciding like an owner does for his business.


Shakeys business is a great business. Shakeys share its opportunities with the right partners who trust in the shakeys name. we have grown to 100 stores nationwide and still growing. •Proven brand and track records for more than 32 years with attractive store design. •Low investment cost, great margins, one of the best return on investment, (ROI) rate. •Fantastic growth opportunities. •Wide array of the well love products . A committed team who has the vision of making the company the leading and preferred pizza restaurant in the Philippines.


Easy to operate with simplified operations systems. Integrated points of sales and inventory system. Number one delivery systemin metro manila. Investors have been attracted to the business because of its low capital investment resulting to quick and high yielding returns . expertise unwavering support and an exciting blue print for growth and success arte just some of the reasons that sets itself apart from other franchise opportunities. As part of the family, resources are your disposal and these include • Strategic planning and site selection •Marketing and advertising services •Standardize financial system •Centralize purchasing and distribution •Operations, Standard, System and support


The financial requirement for a franchising restaurant range from P 8,000,000. 00 to P 10,000,000 depending on store size, location, and other factors (but does not include site acquisition cost) . The investment well be for the : •Construction of the restaurant (interiors and exteriors) •Purchase and nstallation of kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures •Pre-operating expenses •Franchise Fee TERMS OF RENEWAL The franchise grant is for 10 year period applicable to a specific location only with an option to renew another 5 years based on mutual agreements. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE The product life cycle of shakey’s pizza is on a “ first in first out “ bases (FIFO) just like the other food chains. APPLICATION PROCESS An application form will be provided to the franchise applicant who then undergoes a three(3) based application process. •The screening •The validation Final review WORLD FAMOUS MENU •Pizza •Starters, soup and salads •Chick ‘n’ chips •Pasta •Family meals and combos


Shakeys has a tradition of developing and promoting employees through their many years of creating the shakeys experience. We continually evaluate our employees skills and talents and create development plans to help them grow personally and professionally. COACHING Study of the art of providing feedback, encouragement, appreciation and performance expectations. GUEST SERVICE Understand the contrast between a guest and costumer, how to define guest service, guest expectations, how to create a hospitality culture, service leaders and how to resolve guest concerns. LIFE IS A SERIES Learn how to inspire, inform and influence anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy their different pizza product •Enjoy promotional activities that company offered CHAPTER V CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY General Santos City Shakey’s outlet are made their own corporate responsibilities and it is affiliated on the top which is from Manila. hey also varying strategies, ideas and etc in order to achieve their goal as a corporate itself. The responsibility initiated through their internal management as to fulfill their specific interest in one direction. Shakey,s Pizza known for its products and how they handling customer according to taste preference of it. The prestigious stores want more menus for them to increase their sales and profits. The categorize idea of internal affairs are big help to the company to persuade and create sales to the customers. The management of Shakey’s Pizza here in General Santos City re valued their customers, their product, their reputation and of course the company’s locality are still exercised so that it will not be vanished till tomorrows operations. They are also engaging in society’s congestion so that it maintain the good customer relationship. And it is big help also to their company to retain their specialty of the product of Shakey’s.


•STRENGTH ?Product ?System ?services WEAKNESSES ?Location ?Price •OPPORTUNITIES ?Products ?Location •THREATS ?Competitors CONCLUSIONS The researcher conclude that their trusted crew are simply treats to their company’s, in reason in possible not cater the possible costumers. Their management are quite working because the researcher observe their environment inside the store. As we can say costumers’ are called them “guest” for the purpose of respect as they welcome through their store. They highly trained in terms of this kind of business but don’t think the possible diversifying their product offered. It is interested issue to the franchisee why that they didn’t offered another type of product in order to increase their profits. The management should create the demand of the costumers because the Filipino buying behaviors are preferred to new products. Then why did not exercise this strategies to add a use as their strength. They better go on the diversity of the product offered. The proponents has marketing major, we should create demand to the costumers in order to satisfy the unsatisfiable individual should we say that they are limiting their product as in modern time of business. The researcher know that the product of Shakey’s pizza are quite expensive compare to the competitor that offering the same kind of product. The researcher offer the management of Shakey’s pizza that they must relocate their location into the crowded place or open area so that it recognize by the costumers.


The researchers recommend that the location of Shakey’s pizza at Barrio Gaisano is not prefer to go through to the costumers because it is behind back at the mall of Gaisano. It is better that from the time of their renewal of their contract much better that the owner lease the area inside the mall or in crowded place so that their store is being recognize by possible costumers.


Personal data: Name: Bryan S. Brigole Date of birth: March 04, 1984 Place of birth: Bula zone 1-A General Santos City Sex: Male Civil status: Single Home Address: Prk. Roberto blk. 3 labangal G. S. C. Family: Father: Florencio Brigole Mother: Anita Brigole Brothers: 2 Sisters: None Educational Attainment: Elementary Education: Basag Sen. Ninoy Aquino Sul. Kud. Year: 1998-1999 Secondary Education: Fatima National high school Year: 2001- 2002 College Education: GenSantos Foundation College inc, Year: 2001-2011(current 4th year student of BSBA-MM) Affiliation: Former authorized agent of Globe broadband Gensan, Mindanao Personal researcher of Mr. Carl Minoza(OSMIUM LOUDBIKES) Training and seminar: Product management (GLOBE),Bus. exposure(ASIALINK)


Personal data: Name: Mary Grace Damalerio Date of birth: August 01, 1990 Place of birth: Asai Village Bula. G. S. C. Sex: Female Civil status: Single Home Address: Prk. 12 Blk 2, Asai Village Bula, Bula G. S. C. Family: Father: Efipanio Damalerio Mother: Corazon Damalerio Brothers: Erwin Damalerio Sisters: Educational Attainment Elementary Education: Dadiangas South Central Elementary School Year: 2002- 2003 Secondary Education: Irineo l. Santiago National High School of Metro Dadiangas Year: 2006-2007 College Education: Gensantos Foundation College Inc Year: 2010-2011 Affiliation: @ Port cafe 2nd floor Gaisano Mall of Gensan Training and Seminar:


Personal data: Name: Jennifer E. Lubrico Date of birth: October 18,1991 Place of birth: Labo, Lika, Mlang North Cotabato Sex: Female Civil status: Single Home Address: #23 Blk8 Dadiangas Heights Subd. G. S. C. Family: Father: Nestor C. Lubrico Mother: Vivina E. Lubrico Brothers: Jaypee E. Lubrico and Jose Nestor E. Lubrico Sisters: Josephine E. Lubrico Educational Attainment: Elementary Education: Lika Elementary School Year: 2002-2003 Secondary Education: Lika High School Year: 2006- 2007 College Education: Gensantos Foundation College Inc. Year: 2010-2011 Affiliation: None Training and Seminar: None

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