GM Foods Research Paper

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Have anyone ever wonder about GMO's and whether it is safe when reading a label saying generic energetic. The government or FDA should regulate whether these are safe to eat or put in the kitchen. FDA doesn't regulate with GMO because of the safety and the danger that is in it. GMO's should be banned because they are not safe. Also, GMO'S are harmful toward people health. Although banning it may be possible or not because of the profit they have off these companies using the GMO's. Lastly, GMO's should be regulated and be banned from the market. Think about the last meal that you ate. When thinking about the meal and how much GMO’s is consumed. While researching about 57% of GMO have been consumed and put into most food products. So are GMO foods safe to eat? GMO food wouldn’t be safe because it is used's in biotechnology by having generic energetic chemical genes into it. Also, GMO'Should is banned because it causes a health problem in the environment, for example having cancer.

Also, these companies just want to make money and the hideout the fact and the dangerous chemicals found in GMO products. GMO’S foods are dangerous to the environment because they are harmful and bad for people’s health. While researching I found that GMO is one of the causes of cancer and different diseases that most people have in their health. Also, this is bad for the environment because it has theses Generic chemical that can cause damages to a person body. Also, it is harmful because it is unnatural and contaminated with a chemical that keeps it from being dead. In addition, this is harmful because it brings allergen, toxins, and many diseases. Also, this is dangerous because it can kill someone by consuming so much. GMO’S are risky for human health because the health problems it can brings and give diseases . This is because when GMO are contaminated into the plant and an organism consume the GMO it cause the human genes to change, and health risk. For example the nutrients when they are not organic it can brings type of diseases like cancer because of the toxics put. Also, this can also be risky because when bugs try to eat the plant they died very quickly, this is how you know how dangerous these GMOs is. Also, this can cause new diseases to erupt. Like for example like how is it every year many get sick and died. This is because these chemicals put into our foods.

In addition, this is harmful because the GMO product being spray is toxic. Like for example, the food allergen like the soybean, peanut, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish these all contains the GMO. Like for example my sister when she ate regular peanut when she was young. But when she had organic peanut butter she was fine that being sick. But when she ate the regular peanut butter brought in the store she started having an allergic reaction like being sick. So form this I sometimes this is why I also might have these allergies, asthma and getting sick most the time I wonder. Also in my research, I read that GMO’S also affects the endocrine system. Also while researching I also read that these GMO create common and new diseases like for example shortness of growth, organ damage, reproductive disorder. The effect on human health with GMO'S was first noticed by farmers. Also, this is a problem because most of the GMO'S food that has genetically modified food have the chemical into most dairy, oil, and peanut products and its effect human by giving allergic reactions. So I would say GMO company should just stop affecting foods because it is not right and it’s wrong. GMO’S crop plant is damage because of the environment and polluting with it chemicals and affecting it to keeps pesticides insect away.

Also GMO crop plants ability to trigger allergies in human. Also, GMO’s are damage the environment because the Gene and the chemical that is transferred to another organism it affects bodies by different new diseases are happening. For example look when they said about the Ebola virus for about a few months in the news and now you don't hear anything about it anymore. Sometimes I think about now how these health problems keep happening at different times. Also, I would say it is very harmed because it is not an organic nutrition product it is a product with added chemicals transfers into to it. The way this can be harmful to our body is by how the GMO is sprayed into it and contaminate to whatever we mostly eat. GMO’s food being sold in the market is a big impact to most this is why because of the prices. Like for example when you go inside a store most foods have a different price like some are high and some are low. GMO'S also affect the market most of its products are either less like a millennial is 3.49 at the store. Also, this is an impact because the world largest distribution of crop form GMO is the Monsanto company. This type of company is a company gets seeds and use it as a herbicide and weed killer. "Mostly 27% of genetically modified crops made in the world come from a farmer that uses their seeds ( Kimbrell).”

This explains how the Monsanto company they are just taking farmers seed and use it for dangerous purposes just to make money. Most people fear of buying GMO food because the Monsanto company are afraid to put a label on their food because of the chemicals the try to hide about their company. In addition, these companies build more profit to the richest companies by using their crop and using it for weed killer. However, while they use the seed and take it to make their money. I would say these GMO companies are trying to pursue more danger to the world by contaminating these plant crops. Also, consumers who buy the crops should stop buying it because they don't know what they are putting into there bodies and selling it in stores. GMO’s should be banned if they not going to label there products because people want going to a store want to know what they eat. People have noticed there products are not labeled they could be sued by a lot of people because their foods haven't been proven safe. Their food is harmful and it is not nutritional because it chemical gm sprayed into the plant of organism gene the is very unsafe. Also, I think banning the companies would business shut down and no more GMO's.

Like for example how they say these companies use the GMO in their products just to make money. I would say if we spread the word about the GMO are being produced and they have chemicals into them by this they can be shut down because if people knew the danger of it GMO won't be in the store anymore and it would get banned. Also, they should ban these GMO's because these Gene are altered into these organisms and it is unpredictable because of the chemical polluting Some argue that GMO food is good from the part of the world with hunger. Also, some would argue that GMO food is a good benefit for us human to get our vitamins but eventually it not. Also, most argue that GMO is saying that these chemicals they put into the seeds will help but it just bring birth and it is going across the world before most of the world know about it, it will get to late because not most know about the GMO. Also, some argue that gm tampering with our foods it a good idea because it brings better tastes to the food and flavor. Also, some argue that the GMO's are lie fraud for their plant crops they are contaminating.

Also, some argue that there is a little safety of GMOs and safeguard band against GMO because of their lack of evidence to there crops and they refuse to introduce what is put in to proven safe. Also, some argue there are many countries who ban gm foods. From this, it means clear that gm food is dangerous and not safe. Also, some argue that GMO should be regulated before put their food products out there and at least put a labeling on it so we can know what goes into our bodies. In conclusion companies with GMO's should be regulated by these chemicals they put into the food. They need to think about the chemical they putting into the food because they the ones buying it and eating too. Also, these companies should think about people health and nutrition because there a new disease and common diseases happening now to people in the world because of these GMOs. Also, these companies are putting the danger of GMO out to the environment and most are worried because they want to know what they eat if safe or is it something that going to bring health problems later in life.

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