Sexual Re-Victimization and Increase of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Sexual Re-victimization and increase in the chance of alcohol and substance abuse

Purpose of study: awareness of sexual re-victimization

This topic is important for social work practice because it has been proven that revictimized sexual assault victims are more likely to engage in alcohol and drug use.

Study procedures

I will carry out study by interviewing the patients with psychological issues as a result of substance abuse and those sexually victimized. This process will take 6 months, but might come back frequently to check on the changes. This study will take a maximum of two years.

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The only risk is intrusion of the patient information which will not happen because I have signed documents with the Hospital’s management board declaring that I will abide with patient’s privacy policy and any contravention will lead to punitive measure.


One core benefit of this research is awareness on your rights as a patient. Through this study, the results will be posted to government agencies hence coming up with a bill to execute those found on the wrong side of the law. Most of the benefits are not direct but are good for the future generation.


I am assuring you of confidentiality of the information you give me. Ensure that you do not put into writing any information that confines to your personal life. I am assuring you of confidentiality to all your comments in my interview.

To ensure confidentiality, I will do the following:

  • Assign code numbers or names for the respondents.
  • All transcribed information will be kept in a locked file cabinet.
  • Participants in my research will have their information discrete with only specific incidents reported to hospital’s management in case it needs attention. For instance. Continued of victimization by hospital staff.

Contact information

In case of any query on this information, or even experience adverse effect after participation, you might reach the researcher on these contacts: +91 5467890


I have understood all information after reading to my level best. I understand that my participation is not coercive but voluntary and if not feeling free, I am obliged to leave at any time. I personally and voluntarily agree to engage in this study.

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