Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs By Chuck Klosterman

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According to the author pop culture is mostly depending on the audiences to purchase the products containing it .The makers have it in mind that it is the white people who are going to watch or use the products. A nonwhite consumer of white culture will be not satisfied with the current situation. Similarly, I have watched the show Fresh Off the Boat. In  Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs   Klosterman situates pop culture within a larger conversation about race and consumption,  class and use .According to Klosterman  Eddie is the eldest son of Jessica and Eddie feels disgraced and not loved by his family.

As it is evident in the show he is not happy when the family moved to Orlando, he is thinking to be desperately belonging to the family (Klosterman). This is because he could somehow feel unsatisfied and unfit in the new society, for instance, we could see that this character feels belonging when he attends school and gets disappointed when he is made fun of having Chinese food. This shows how representative is the people in his new environment. This character feels rejected and not respected. By being a lover of hip hop the only solution to this challenge comes as Eddie is getting inspired by the hip hop music, it motivates him concerning the current situation he is undergoing. For he has a plan to improve change and overcome this situation.

According to Klosterman, I  feel that pop culture is failing non white, and those who are not privileged enough to find real ground with the characters in this show. This show is focusing on the issue of race and how the characters take it. Eddie the main character has migrated to Orlando from DC’s China town together with his parents, he loves hip hop. In this show, we can see that immigrant family is experiencing a culture shock as far as it is trying to achieve the American dream. The two character Louis and Jessica are having a conflict when raising their kids and unable to manage the restaurant in the foreign state. Jessica makes sure that their children get the best in school to ensure that there is no much difference between them and the American parent's kids. The same approach is made at the restaurant to ensure that they achieve their best. In this show, there is a plan for a family to make new friends in an event Louis is requesting the family members to make new friends. It is somehow not effective to Jessica as she feels not fitting in this society when he gets in an affair with the trophy wife that many people do not respect.

As this happens, Eddie is trying the best to familiarize himself and make friends and get recognized by the neighborhood kids.  We as well could see a family rival in the show when Connie Jessica’s sister and her husband visited the family. Huang lies that they are doing well financially, during this time Eddie appreciates being reunited with his cousin who introduced him to the hip-hop later to learn that she has a grudge.

According to Kightley, Some of the nonwhite consumer face challenges as they try to fit in the white culture and forget their cuture. We could see that Eddie is experiencing a hopeless life because there is a new video game named after his idol, he goes to work at the family restaurant. Funny enough he is not treated as the son of the owner of the restaurant he has to work because he is in a foreign state his father is making him work for money. Meanwhile, Jessica looks for a job. Culture is much influenced here as we can see in the movie number 4 is bad luck, according to Chinese culture, but Jessica an immigrant sells a  house having an address with 44.  Kightley, explains in the shows how they have lost their culture to fit tin the whitish culture. Eddie challenges racism by running for president in the school despite the white lies. Jessica is getting worried that the family has lost their culture and Chinese identity. I believe that the characters are also convinced that they have learned a lot of the American culture. Throughout their life, at Orlando, they have assimilated a lot, and it is their high time to get reconnected with their culture by getting involved in activities strengthening their culture. I think that from the above show the pop culture is connected to race as it is attached to the whites.

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