Drugs and how Anyone Can Use

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Drugs are a major cause of worldly disaster. The definition of drugs is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. There are all types of drugs that can be addictive, but some drugs are good and help people. Prescription drugs can be addictive if you use them too much. This essay will include teens doing drugs, adults doing drugs, drugs in society, and abusing prescription drugs.

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“Drugs and how Anyone Can Use”

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Most people think that adults are the only ones using drugs, but that is not true. Teenagers in present time are using drugs more than people really think. Teenagers today are abusing drugs because they have it in their mind that the drug is helping them cope with everything. Usually people think kids are using drugs because of peer pressure, but there are so many more reasons. Kids do not talk about their home life to adults and some do not even talk about it to their friends, but that does not mean nothing bad is happening.

They may think of drugs as a hobby, the teen might have a lack of obedience at home and do drugs, or they just do drugs out of curiosity. Teens could be dealing with abuse at home, but not physically their parents might be doing drugs and leaving them to fend for themselves. Most teens think drugs are their escape from the world. When kids use drugs they think it is ok because their young and think if they stop before their too old then they will not be addicted, but that is not true at all!

Adults use drugs too. Adults that use drugs can cause their family to break up, they can even cause their kids to be addicted to drugs, and they can pay the ultimate price of death. Adults might be doing drugs because they have family issues, a long work day stressful job, or social issues happening in the world. Drugs have a major impact on families and if a family member figures out an adult in their family is using drugs then that can cause their family to break up.

Adults using drugs might have an impact on their kids life which can cause their kids to do drugs or worse. Adults might think their kid does not know their doing drugs, but that’s not true kids see a lot of stuff adults do not know about. Adults might use prescription drugs to help them out wil issues they have, but those can be addicting too. Some adults seek help after using drugs, but that is not the case for most. If adults do not get help soon enough they will pay the worst price. If someone does drugs everyday addictedly they can kill themself. People think if their gone then it will solve all the problems they have or the problems people had with them. That is not true at all! They cause more problems like the cost of a funeral bill or they might cause a family member to be killed because of a drug deal gone wrong. Seek out for help if you think you’re addicted and can’t control yourself from taking drugs so you don’t have to cause your family a burden if you die from using drugs too much.

There are more drugs in society than people think. Just because you don’t hear about drug abuse in every state or every country does not mean it is not there. Drugs are very common in big cities, but that does not mean that little cities do not have drugs. In little cities word spreads around quickly which could mean that word about drugs can spread around quickly and cause multiple people to abuse drugs. Even though you do not hear about drugs in your city does not mean their there. Drug dealers can be anywhere and more people than you think get ahold of drugs.

When someone gets ahold of drugs they are most likely going to share it with their friends and get their friends addicted. Then the process goes on and on until someone dies and then someone tries to turn their life and other peoples life around. If someone sees people using drugs they are probably not going to tell the police or someone about it. People in the world might be scared of an abuser of drugs, so they will not tell anyone about it them using the drug.

Prescription drugs are very addictive. They can be addictive. even if someone is just taking the drugs for medicine because of a illness they have. The drugs could still kill them if they take too much at a time. If someone has prescription drugs they need to read the label to make sure they are getting the right amount of dosage and taking the right amount at the given time on the label. prescription drugs are very expensive and drug dealers can get a hold of them easily.

They can sell them on the side of the streets or to one of their relatives or friends. People may think because it’s prescription drugs that they cannot overdose which is not true at all! You can still overdose if you take too much of a prescription drugs at one time. If you have to take prescription drugs, then make sure you read the label and take the right amount of dosage that you’re supposed to at the right time.

In conclusion, as seen above teens, adults, and society abuse drugs everyday. In the text above you can see that drugs are abusive and that they have a major impact on people’s everyday life. Teens and adults abuse drugs everyday without people knowing as seen above. Drugs can be found in society. prescription drugs are very addictive and should be cared for with responsibility. Drugs are not something to mess around with, so if you see someone doing drugs please tell an adult or someone you can trust. Thank you for your time.

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