Sex-based or Gender Discrimination and Suicide

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Discrimination in Lagos is becoming uncontrollable. The practice of being unjust to others due to their status should be discarded immediately. The people of Lagos faces sex-, religion-, age- and tribal-based discriminations. The discriminators prey on people’s feelings, therefore causing harm to vulnerable people as some of them resort to suicide. Hence, perpetuators should be severely dealth with. The people of Lagos needs help, and I believe you are in the right place to offer it. Discrimination in my community should be fought off so as to save people’s lives and state of mind.

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“Sex-based or Gender Discrimination and Suicide”

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Sex-based or gender discrimination is another issue the community faces. Favouritism is at it peak when it is time to enroll into some institutions. Many people see nursing profession as a work deemed for females, and as a result, many males aspiring to study nursing as a profession often get their dreams cut short after they get screened out even when they’ve passed the entrance examination. Being a mechanical engineer is another profession people think is fit for a particular gender. Females don’t usually make the cut as it is thought that they do not have the physical strength required to carry out some activities. Another group of people suffering from this discrimination are the transgenders. People from the religious group believe they had defiled God’s work and as a result become bitter towards them. People, no matter what gender should be treated fairly and equally.

Religious discrimination is an issue every individual faces in my community. Muslims being the least populated in my area suffer this more. Apart from being branded terrorists, many of them are being denied job or are fired based on their religious belief. For instance, the Muslim women make use of the hijab for the sake of chastity, but some organizations forces them to remove their hijab in order to comply with the company’s dress code or risk being fired. The males are not exempted as well as they also suffer certain backlashes in their place of work. Christians are also discriminated against. People often accuse them of hypocrisy even when there is no known proof, and therefore show hatred towards them. Another group that faces discrimination are the non-religious people. They are always look down upon by other religious group because of their believes.

Age discrimination is also an issue in my community. Older people are often the victims of this especially when seeking for job. Companies refuse to employ the older folks even when they tender good and valid credentials. While the one at their work place are prone to being sacked or retired. Younger people are harassed either verbally or sexually by the older people, and females are mostly the victims.

Tribal discrimination has eaten deep into the system in our community. An individual from a particular tribe would like to show superiority to another from a different tribe. Many people have been denied employment, admission into schools and even basic help, for not being of same tribe as the person above. People also attribute certain crimes like armed robbery, cultism, drug dealing and fraud to a particular tribe, and this causes unrest in the society.

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