Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

MKW1120 Week 8 submission: Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Segment Name| Brief Profile| Sports Shoes Features| “Run Scotty, Run”| Adult males who like to run on the weekends. | -cushioning impact, shock absorption, good heel control| “Gym Junkies”| Adult females who are gym members. | -lightweight shoes to prevent foot fatigue-extra shock absorption-double-lasted combination of leather and mesh(support & ventilation)-solid rubber with micro-grip for traction on smooth surface-mid-sole sidewall stitching, high airbag -elegant with futurist design (Puma)| “Hit and Giggle”| Adult female social tennis players. -stability inside and outside shoes-flexibility in the sole beneath the ball of the foot for quick movements-neutral-cushioning shoes for shock absorption -softer soled shoes on soft court -lightweight shoes-price range: $40-80 (Wilson Pro Staff)| “The Pros”| Professional male football players. | -lightweight synthetic leather mixed with breathable mesh for cool yet supportive fit-heel inner sleeve offers an improved lockdown-exterior heel cup improves for fast motion -cleats incorporated medial and sideways wraps for better support| “Lil’ Tackers”| Male and female children who play sub-junior football. -rubber outsole to deliver the traction on the field-synthetic upper with ankle strap for support-phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning-design with a secure midfoot strap and blade style cleats provide strong grip on the field| “Fast Off the Blocks”| Male and female professional sprinters. | -motion-control shoes -durable rubber outsole for great traction-cushioned insole and collar for a comfy fit-lightweight, stiff and durable-upper part is perforated for breathability| “The Long DistanceRunner”| Male and female marathon runners. -neutral-cushioning shoes to absorb impact-stability along the medial side of the shoes-lightweight cushioning and durability-maximum rearfoot shock attenuation in all levels of movement| “Groovy Grandparents”| Over 60s retired couples interested in maintaining health and fitmess. | -comfortability, stability and lightweight-preferable of traditional style shoes-reasonable price| “Urban Fashionistas”| Adult males who wear sports shoes as fashion. -more preferable on fashionable sneakers (Nike High Dunk, Nike Air Force One)-sleek full grain leather, variety of colour scheme-modern skateboarding style, logo stitched outside heel for status, artistic design for self expression (Nike)- unigue and luxurious, lifestyle design (Puma)-price range: $100-150 (Puma, Nike, Adidas)|

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