Fashion – Activewear & Athleisure Retail Research

There is a variety of clothing found in Tory Sports stores. Featured categories for men include shorts, Polos, pants, t-shirts, and under armor while brands include Adidas, champion, and Nike. Featured categories for women are tops, jackets, sports bras, sneakers, and leggings. Soccer pants for ladies cost $ 45, while legging costs $ 54.50. Prices of men’s activewear vary. For instance, superstar track jacket costs $ 70, with shorts going for $ 35, and training pants $ 65. The philosophy of the brand is to design luxury activewear with the focus on style, comfort, and performance.

One of the activewear found in Nike Town stores is Air Zoom cage 3 shoe. The shoe is reinforced and has protective layers that improve its stability. It delivers ultralight cushioning and is durable. It costs $ 160. There are also women’s tennis tanks and skirts in the store, and their prices range from $ 70 to $ 110. Training tops and t-shirts for men are also found in Nike Town. Nike philosophy is to provide its customers with clothes that are durable, breathable, and soft.

Extensive ranges of products are available for both men and women at New Balance Clothing store. It has internationally renowned brands like Fila brand, and one can select activewear ranging from tops, shorts, training pants, jackets, and skirts. Some of the clothing include Brunton dress for women which costs 80 £, Casino Skirt for 40 £, woven shorts for men costing 40.80 £, and max intensity t-shirt for 40.90 £. The philosophy of Fila brand in the store is to produce high-quality activewear.

Activewear that one can find in Paragon Sports stores include shirts, boots, shorts, and jackets. Tennis activewear includes Adidas solid dress costing $ 139, NY skirt for $ 70, skirts, tanks, and dresses. Men’s wear includes Adidas training pant which cost $ 31, Flex short for running which cost $ 45 and stretches pant for $ 65.

Nike, Fila, and Adidas brands have moved beyond advertising into popular expression in developing their brands’ identity. Their brand names are known all over the world. The quality of their products is used in the overall marketing process. Brand philosophy of Adidas is to produce luxury activewear, Nike aims at producing durable products, while Fila strives to produce high-quality products hence helping them in developing identities of their brands.

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