The Best Sandwich Ever

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The first sandwich was made in 1st Century B. C. by the famous rabbi, Hillel the Elder, during Passover.

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“The Best Sandwich Ever”

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The sandwich was a remembrance of the Jews’ suffering before their deliverance from Egypt.

This wonderful sandwich consisted of a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices and wine on two matzos, and was to be eaten with bitter herbs. Although the rabbi’s sandwich may not seem appetizing to the tastes buds of todays greater community we are grateful for his idea because now we have the creations every little kid holds in his/her lunch box today. 

The sandwich world has evolved into sandwiches as simple as the favored bologna sandwich to ones as complicated as the sandwich I like to call the SASS or the Super Awesome Supreme Sandwich. Sandwiches are filled with millions of flavors, and have different textures that make it the most popular item in a lunch boxes all over the world. The most important part of the sandwich dining experience is the fillers of the sandwich, starting with the meat.

In the Super Awesome Supreme Sandwich there is one main meat that controls the rest of flavors, this meat is called salami. Not just any type of salami though, the salami in this sandwich has to be spicy and colorful.

This salami is filled with peppers of all different types. 

Pepper is something that you have to be veracious with, too much and it’ll over power the sandwich, not enough then the meat will just be taking up space.

In addition to the pepper the salami has to have a slightly pungent taste of garlic and salt. Garlic and salt will balance the flavor of the pepper and allow for one to explore new taste buds.

The garlic and salt allow for a tangy contrast to the pepper making just these few layers of meat make your mouth water.

In addition the taste of the salami the look of it is very important. Each seasoning has a different look and allows the meat to become a rainbow or color and flavor. 

The meat itself should be a red-orange color with black and white spots. These spots are where each entire piece of flavor is kept. In addition to meat there has to be veggies in this sandwich to add color and crunch.

The Super Supreme has two very important veggies, shredded lettuce and ripe red tomatoes.

Lettuce in this sandwich has to be freshly washed with still a little bit of water on it to contain the pristine taste. This lettuce is of a mellow, hardy, green texture. The heirloom tomatoes are vibrantly red with juicy seeds and firm skin. The color combination of the Italian salami, the hardy lettuce and the red heirloom tomatoes bring an aesthetic and redolence to this experience.

The next important part of this sandwich is the condiments that add a zing of flavor and serve as an accoutrement to the palate of the diner. Many would slather on a mayonnaise but here an aioli is lightly applied to the bottom exterior casing of this sandwich. 

Typically an aioli is a mixture of mayonnaise and garlic but accompanied with French’s Mustard the combination provides color, moisture and flavor.

Too completely accessories the Super Supreme there must be a melody of complimenting herbs and fruits. Olives, yellow bell pepper, rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, and oregano each finely chopped and drizzled throughout the sandwich allow for an intellectual taste of Italy. The Super Awesome Supreme Sandwich casing gives off the first impression and holds together a tantalizing dining experience.

A sourdough loaf is chosen as it will provide a sturdy and stable coat for the Super Supreme. When selecting a loaf one must use all of the senses but one to test the freshness of the bread; the sense of touch to check firmness of the bread, the sense of smell to acquire the aroma of a virgin loaf, the sense of sight to view any imperfections and the sense of hearing to survey for a robust crunch.

Once one is tempted to use the sense of taste, the correct loaf has been selected.

Note that this loaf is cut into slices offering an open face three by five canvas that has been toasted to perfection. 

A perfectly toasted loaf is found when the bread is browned with slightly darker columns seen, or grill marks. The crust that has now become crunchy and darkened will compliment the inner bread’s light crisp and browning. The Super Awesome Supreme Sandwich is a sandwich of many layers and pieces such as that of an outfit of a sophisticated lady.

She always has her coat and purse, the bread. Her coat is what keeps her warm and safe, while the purse is where everything is held that she may need throughout the day. The bread holds everything together, keeps it warm, safe and easy to carry.

Also a lady looks put together, her outfit is always clean and color coordinated, the meat. The outfit is always appropriate for the occasion never over or underdressed and ready for anything.

The meat put inside a sandwich should never over power the rest of the ingredients inside but still be the main aspect of the meal.

In addition she always has her accessories, the condiments. The accessories are where her true colors are shown and the entire outfit is matched together. 

Condiments are like accessories because they complete a sandwich, without them it would just be incomplete. The smear that is applied is like the shoes, something absolutely necessary and if carefully chosen can define a sandwich.

Fruits and veggies are like the earrings, something a lady should never leave home without. The different flavors of the sandwich made by rabbi Hillel the Elder has evolved just as the attire of a lady.

With every century the variety of flavors and textures expands allowing for each generation to venture out and have a creation of their own. The Super Awesome Supreme Sandwich is a prime example.

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