Revolution of the Year 1980

This revolution of the year 1980 was sought to alter the American citizens’ attitude towards their government, their beloved country and hence their leaders. He started the campaign by considerably reducing the size of the cabinet. This was meant to reduce the wage bill to the Americans.

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The wage bill was become one of the biggest recurrent expenditure by the time (3-6). Ronald Reagan also passed numerous laws that protected every American and protected the boundaries and basic rights of every American citizen more aggressively. This was mostly against external enemies especially the United States of Soviet Union. His leadership was mainly in developing United States into levels that they would feel proud of their mother country; moreover, he protected the United States citizen rights, freedoms and dignity within the boundaries and without. With all these positivity, President Ronald Reagan was able to lower taxes for the American citizen. This was intended to allow the basic goods and services more affordable to the common American

As a coin has two sides, the strategy President Reagan chose cut two way. The negative side of his strategy was the creation of social classes and widening the gap. The strategies he chose favored the rich and oppressed the poor. This led to the increase of crime, homelessness and other social vices. Reagan also promoted the oppression of feminism, civil rights and environment movement group. The lack of proper legislation to uphold these important societal movements, he concentrated on development and making American as proud as they could with America. Within this time the United States economy nosedived, unemployment rates were increasing exponentially.

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