Review of King’s Book on Racism in America

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After reading chapters 4-6 there were things that stuck out greatly to me. In Chapter 4 they discuss slavery and how to overcome the effects from these. They also discussed how African Americans live in ghettos away from white people and are sheltered and get less privileges then them. It also talks about how whited fear African Americans moving into there neighborhoods and also how African Americans are going to have to face racism in the neighborhoods they move into. It discussed the pain of racism and the effect that it left on African Americans because of all the pain they have dealt with.

In Chapter 5 it talks about ending racism through boycotts, labor movements, building organizations to fight racism, and electing leaders that benefit African Americans in fighting racism. King also discusses how consumer boycotts that discriminated African Americans were a important part to Southern campaigns and how they are powerful in fighting racism. King discusses that everyone needs to be educated on racism with discussion and reading about it. King also looks at the political power of alliances and the future on ending racism forever. King also discusses how racism effects poverty and ending this will change poverty because of this. In this chapter it discussed on how to end racism through collaborative action among all groups of people.

In Chapter 6 King discusses the civil rights movement and the struggle to fight racism, poverty, and militarism. King disccuses even if African Americans gain equality with whites it does not mean it will ultimately benefit them. King discussed using nonviolence and how we need to extend beyond capitalism and communism and build a socially conscious democracy. It discusses how nonviolence and fighting racism is a better way and how war is not always the answer as it takes away innocents life’s.

Reading these chapters I learned things about King I never knew before. One thing that I learned in Chapter 4 is how the ghettos are not actually cheap. I learned that there was a color tax, which makes it harder for them being poor to have any political power. A second thing I learned in Chapter 5 was how education can help people understand the effects of racism more, and how teaching racism can help stop it as a whole. In Chapter 6 I learned if African Americans gain freedom from war it doesn’t ultimately benefit them. I feel these three things are things people would of not knew or necessarily though about when you think about racism and King.

Reading Chapter 4-6 it helped me to understand M.L.K and learn more about racism as a whole. I learned in Chapter 4 the fight of racism and how to overcome the effects from these. It discusses how African Americans are effected and the struggles they deal with every day. In Chapter 5 they discuss how to create groups and end racism. It discusses on building power through boycotts, strengthening labor movements, building strong organizations, and electing leaders who will help fight racism. In Chapter 6 it discusses gaining freedom from nonviolence methods. It discusses if African Americans gain freedom from war it may not ultimately bnefit them.

A reading that I feel is relevant today is one I found is on Donald J. Trump at a gathering he had in Charlottesville, Virginia he discusses 32 year old Heather Heyer who was struck by a a car. He says “ I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence” (Trump). Trump was disussing the the marches between white nationalists and neo Nazis who marched with tiki torches to defend the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from removal. This statement caused controversy as Gen. Robert E. Lee fought for the continued enslavement of black bodies. I feel this article relates to these Chapters because of racism and how things people say are not always true. Trump said this about the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia but clearly didn’t understand racism fully. 

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