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We are all living in a world of constant movement. No matter what kind of lifestyle we occupy, humans are always changing and adapting to new situations that seem to be randomly thrown at us. In order to thrive, it is necessary for individuals to be able to accommodate to their surroundings. This is especially true in my case. Just recently, I have moved from the town I grew up in to a city I have never been to, in order to live with my husband who is stationed at Fort Carson. His plans with the military are still unknown, but I do know one thing; change is inevitable. In order to be able to provide for our household consistently throughout his military career, I had to choose a profession that will be available anywhere we happen to go. That is why I am looking for a job as a Pharmacy Technician. Starting my career as a Pharmacy Technician will set me up for advancement opportunities, job security, and most importantly, a chance to find employment wherever we will be living.

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It was just recently that I decided to pursue anything in the medical field. I have not really had a “dream job”, but have always been willing to try new ideas. When I married a man in the Army, my choices seemed to be narrowed down in my mind, depending on whether or not it was a job that would be available anywhere. Soon enough I came to the decision of pursuing a Pharmacy Technician Certificate. In recent years, the average number of elderly people have increased greatly, which is due to the “Baby boom” generation reaching older ages. In return, there is a heightened need for medical personnel, including pharmacy technicians (“Pharmacy Technicians” [2008]). Along with the fact of the increased elderly population, there is also an escalation of people with chronic diseases that require numerous medications. Pharmacies will be the backbone of providing patients with the medications used to fight their diseases. The average growth rate for this particular occupation is currently 12% from 2016 to 2026, which means there will be a surplus of opportunities for pharmacy technicians to find employment in the next few years (“Pharmacy Technicians” [2018]). With all of this information available to me, going into the medical field is a great choice for my future, especially if I find a job in a valued company.

As of right now, Colorado Springs is considered home. I have not been here for long, and may not stay for long, but this is where I am choosing to start my career. After searching Colorado Springs job sites, I have narrowed my choice to a company that is well known for its care for customers, and will satisfy my needs as an employee. CVS is a company I can definitely see myself working for, and they are currently looking for pharmacy technicians. As stated on their website, CVS has core values that I live my life following as well, which include innovation, collaboration, caring, integrity, and accountability. This is all combined in order to fulfill their purpose, which is to “Help people on their path to better health.” (CVS Health). Knowing that, I am much more willing to work for this company. Not only am I looking to work in an environment that fulfills my values, but also one that will be held to a certain standard as a healthcare facility. It is vital that I will be employed by a company that will follow every code and procedure to the letter so I will be certain that I am in a position where doing the right thing is always important.

After looking around on CVS Health website, I have found that they accommodate very well to their employees. Directly on their site, the have links to where someone can apply for a position, as well as a newsletter informing interested people in job openings in their area when they become available. Along with a place to apply, they list every part of the hiring process so anyone who is wondering what comes next will not be left without any information. CVS also offers a Virtual Job Tryout, which gives an applicant a good idea of what their interview will look like, and what to expect. CVS has made looking for locations that are hiring very easy as well, with a job search bar. You simply enter the city, state, and position you are interested in, and if there are any openings, they will be shown on a list. In my search for Pharmacy Technician positions, there are plenty in the Colorado Springs area, so I seem to have quite a few options (CVS Health).

According to the CVS Health Corporation 2017 Annual Report, there has been a steady increase of net revenue since 2015. The Five-Year Financial Summary gave a good outlook of how the company will continue operating in the years to come. CVS is progressively building new locations, which opens up hundreds of new jobs every year. offers a place for reviews of certain jobs, along with average salaries. The reviews were a mix of different opinions, but I usually do not take them to heart, because everyone will have a different experience depending on multiple factors of their environment. The average salary for a pharmacy technician in Colorado came out to approximately $20,000-25,000, which I was expecting with only a certificate (Health, CVS). Throughout my research, I have obtained the understanding that CVS is advancing quickly, and will be a great place to begin my career in pharmaceuticals. With more schooling and a lot of time put in, CVS will be a good company to advance in.

Overall, I do believe that CVS will be a good company to work for when I am done with my schooling. They hold similar values that I do, and their mission statement; “Help people on their path to better health.”, is something I can apply to my daily life. I get the impression that CVS will be a great place to start my career, especially with the opportunity to have the stability in my crazy life as a military spouse. Being an employee at CVS will give me the opportunities I need in my future career.

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