Reverse Slavery in America

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Reverse Slavery is defined as the day when white people become slaves, or as some say the day justice is served. Many years ago slavery was still a way of life practiced in our great nation, the United States of America. Slavery was a legal institute for human enslavement, which mainly consisted of Africans and African-Americans that were around in the 18th and 19th centuries. Slaves were treated horribly, suffered from terrible physical abuse, because the government allowed it. After many years slavery was finally abolished in America, in the glorious year of 1865, and even after that blacks were still being punished for something they have no control of. Being Black.

White people have had their turn at beating in taking advantage of the entire black race, and now I believe it should be our turn the deal out of the lashings. Just imagine that on any given day of the week a white person could be beaten, lynched, or hung, just for being white. Some White folks feel they are unjustly treated, because of certain exclusions or views from Blacks. I can respect everyones views and believe that those feelings are valid, but I wanted to paint a realistic picture on what reverse racism in this country would be like if, of course, it were equal to what wed call regular racism.

Imagine an America where reverse racism was real. There would be hundreds of white men being killed by the hands of racist black police officers. Imagine a population of white people who were under privileged, and under being educated, being called thugs and crackers. Imagine the white people being told theyre what is wrong with the country, and they should just go back to Europe where they came from.
Just imagine that every CEO of every major corporation in the US, was a black man. Just Imagine that all black communities having a low crime rate and safe schools.

Just imagine if poor neighborhoods were predominantly white. Just imagine white children being labeled as delinquents before they even had the opportunity to get an education. Just imagine jails being built for little white boys because a test that black people made up for them says they will fail. Just imagine rich black prison owners paying rich black judges money to prosecute and sentence anyone that has white skin, just so they can keep getting rich, and then their black children will be born rich, too!
Just imagine millions of white children with learning disabilities and behavioral and emotional problems because of development issues due to a lack of resources.
Just imagine that all you saw when you turned on the news where black reporters reporting on the crimes that are not only affect white people, but are caused by white people, too. Hide your black kids! Just Imagine prisons filled with mostly white men while universities rewarded spoiled black kids that could pretty much get away with anything because of Affluenza.

Just imagine if segregation was legal again, but instead reversed. Just imagine for a moment no whites allowed signs plastered on most, if not all, public service buildings and businesses. Just imagine if white people were not allowed in schools where black children were learning about the world and how to develop and sharpen their minds. Just imagine if on any given day of the week a white person could be lynched or beaten to death, just because they were white. Just imagine if black babies were cared for by white women who did any and all work for black mothers, no matter how demeaning it was.

Just imagine that the greatest business owners, church leaders and all government officials where only black men. Just imagine a growing America that was being built on the backs of white people, but only to benefit black people. An amazing time for America! Car companies and the industrial businesses booming. Great opportunities afforded only to black men, while white men were not even allowed to compete. During these great times for black people there was no space for sharing with white people, because they were only just recognized as humans.

Just imagine Africans discovering a land with rich soil and being too greedy to share with its natives, instead killing them. Just imagine that these Africans were too lazy to work and decided it would be easier to enjoy the fruits of other peoples labor. Just imagine that these Africans went into European countries and destroyed these European families by stealing them away from their families and their culture. These Africans would end the English language by beating and killing the Europeans until they spoke their African languages.

Just imagine the enslaved white faces, being sold like cattle. Just imagine little white girls and boys screaming in terror as they were ripped from the arms of their mothers. Just imagine white women raped by African men and white men beat until their skin fell off. Just imagine that the hope for all European nations all laid in a struggle. A hope for peace in a land they never wanted. Just imagine that there would be wars and fighting for equality that would last for centuries. Just imagine decades of marching, rioting and protesting, all for white people to just be viewed as equals.   

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