Religion and Theology : my Self as a Muslim

Blue eyes stare back at me. Those blue eyes stare and judge the rest of my being. They zoom in on the blemishes that consume my face and make my nose seem more prominent as well as my bushy eyebrows. Those blue eyes travel down to my lips just to see the lack of them and make their way to my fully rounded cheeks and wish they could just be normal, as they just take a glance at my body and instantly regrets it as they see a plump body form. Those blue eyes gaze around my body trying to find a perfection, but just end up with the same blue eyes staring right back at my eyes. Those blue eyes are mine.

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This is me. A true and raw form of how I interpret myself. Some may think it’s because of my hijab, but little do they know that’s the only thing I take pride in. Those blue eyes travel up to my head and fill up with pride because that was my choice. And I feel comfortable and not at any point I will revert my decision. This choice has always impacted decisions I make positively, and the much teachings I get interacting with strong men of faith has guided me to become prosperous the way I am.

I have always had the ability to air my views with adequate space to make decisions impacting my life as a Muslim, aspect that makes me take the right path in life. This is what many people lack in order to make sure they pursue their dreams. Yet, Muslim caters for my desires and has always provided me with good advice and views to ensure I did not make negative decisions which could impact my life and make me not to attain the potential as I have done today. First, it has made me have humility as my modest opinion in life. With many teachings of Islam emphasizing the importance of remaining humble, it has taught me to always have this value in every decision I make.

Been polite to other people has always made everything I want to achieve in life possible. Muslims greatly emphasize about been polite to everyone we meet in life. I have always kept this virtue of life and have always approached people with greater politeness. This has made me get good responses from people and has seen them accept my requests without necessarily contradicting me. Respecting other people’s lives without considering statuses has remained of help in my life. Without this, I anticipate that much I have achieved with interacting while different people could have failed and thus could not have achieved greater success in life.

[bookmark: _GoBack] I have always defended my religion and always find pride while people associated me with Muslims in life. Clearly, this is the best religion for me and has inspired me to achieve greater things in life. The warmth I receive in colleagues here has impacted me with a positive image of my life and continually cultivates positive self-esteem propelling me to overcome challenges which without been proud of this religion could not have made my way through. Clearly, as someone who has achieved greatness in life, I have found pride in my religion and myself which I believe will continue helping me to continue soaring even to greater heights in life.

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