About Sahih Muslim

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About Sahih Muslim

Sahih Muslim is a collection of hadith put together by Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Naysaburi( rahimahullah). His collection is thought about to be one of one of the most genuine collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet (), and also along with Sahih al-Bukhari forms the “Sahihain,” or the “2 Sahihs.” It consists of regarding 7500 hadith (with reps) in 57 publications.

The translation provided right here is by Abdul Hamid Siddiqui.

Writer bio

Imam Muslim’s full name is Abu al-Husayn Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj ibn Muslim ibn Warat al-Qushayri al- Naysaburi (206-261 AH/821 -875 ADVERTISEMENT). Imam “Muslim,” as his nasba reveals, belonged to the Qushayr people of the Arabs, a spin-off of the superb clan of Rabi’a.

He was birthed in Naysabur (Nishapur) in 206/821. His parents were excellent individuals that left such an enduring impact on his mind that he invested his life as a God-fearing individual and also continuously followed the course of modesty. Imam Muslim travelled extensively to accumulate hadith in Arabia, Egypt, Syria and likewise Iraq, where he attended the talks of some of the prominent Muhadith of his time: Isaq b. Rahawayh, Ahmad b. Hanbal, ‘Ubaydullah al-Qawariri, Qutaiba container Sa’id, ‘Abdullah ibn Maslama, Harmalah container Yahya, as well as others. After completing his education and also knowing, he cooled down at Nishapur. There he got in telephone call with Imam al-Bukhari. Imam Muslim was excited with Imam al-Bukhari’s understanding that he maintained himself connected to him around completion of his life. An added muhaddith that affected Imam Muslim was Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Dhuhali as well as he attended his talks consistently, but when the difference of opinion in between Muhammad b. Yahya as well as Imam Bukhari on the problem of the production of the Holy Qur’ a sharpened right into hostility, Imam Muslim sided with Imam Bukhari and likewise deserted Muhammad b. Yahya totally. He was therefore a real follower of Imam al-Bukhari.

He developed numerous publications as well as writings on Hadith, yet the most critical of his jobs is the collection (Jami’) of his Sahih. He initially called his publication Musnad as-Sahih, as well as discussed in his publication that he made up authored such a magazine in action to a concern from amongst his students.

Imam Muslim diligently gathered 300,000 hadith as well as additionally after a thorough assessment of them protected just 4000, the reliability of which were entirely established. He prefixed to his compilation a truly lighting introduction, in which he specified numerous of the principles in which he had in fact stuck to in the choice of his product. Imam Muslim needs to his credit score several other valuable contributions to various branches of Hadith literary works, in addition to a lot of them keep their reputation also to the here and now day. Amongst these Kitab al-Musnad al-Kabir ‘Ala al-Rijal, Jami’ Kabir, Kitab, al-Asma‘ wa’ l-Kuna, Kitab al-Ilal, Kitab al- Wijdan are extremely vital.

Methods of Classification and Annotation

Imam Muslim purely observed several concepts of the scientific research of Hadith, which had been a little neglected by his fantastic instructor Imam Bukhari (may Allah have grace on both of them).

Imam Muslim thought about simply such custom-mades to be real and authentic as had in fact been transferred to him by an unbroken chain of reliable authorities as high as the Prophet () in addition to stayed in ideal uniformity with what had been connected by numerous other writers whose reliability was unanimously approved as well as that were lacking all defects. He separated writers and also sub-narrators right into 3 levels:

1. Those people who are completely real in their memory as well as individuality without any deficiency whatsoever. They were understood to be genuine as well as likewise legitimate.

2. Individuals of a little minimal memory in addition to perfection than the previous category, yet still credible as well as informed, not liars by any kind of kind of treatment. Examples of people in this category include ‘Ata ibn Said and additionally Layth ibn Abi Sulaim.

3. People whose sincerity was a topic of conflict as well as also discussion. Imam Muslim did not worry himself with such individuals. Instances in this group contain Abdullah ibn Maswar in addition to Muhammad ibn Said al-Maslub.

Furthermore, Imam Bukhari, while describing the chain of narrators, sometimes states their kunya and also sometimes gives their names. This is especially real in circumstances of the narrators of Syria. This creates a sort of confusion, which Imam Muslim has actually stayed clear of.

Imam Muslim takes particular treatment in according the specific words of the authors as well as explains also the smallest difference in the wording of their reports. Imam Muslim has really also frequently kept in view the distinction in between both widely known setups of narration, haddathana (he told to us) and also akhbarana (he enlightened us). He feels that the initial mode is used just when the teacher is informing the hadith as well as additionally the trainee is listening to it, while the 2nd mode of expression implies that the student reads the hadith before the trainer. This shows his utmost care in the transmission of a hadith. Imam Muslim has really taken wonderful pains in attaching the chain of storytellers. He has tape-recorded just that hadith which, at least, 2 reputable tabi’in (fans) had actually learnt through 2 Friends as well as also this concept is observed throughout the subsequent chain of narrators.

Sahih Muslim has been cleared up by Imam an-Nawawi as well as amongst his teachers Abu ‘Amr ibn Salah.

His Students

His Pupils Imam Muslim had an actually large circle of trainees, that found Hadith from him. Numerous of them live in an extremely noticeable setting in Islamic background, e.g. Abu Hatim Razi, Musa ibn Harun, Ahmad ibn Salama, Abu 'Isa Tirmidhi, Abu Bakr ibn Khusaima, Abu 'Awana as well as Al-Dhahabi.

His Death

Imam Muslim lived for fifty-five years. He invested most of his time in discovering Hadith, in its compilation, in its coach along with transmission. He regularly stayed absorbed in this single pursuit as well as absolutely nothing can avert his focus from this pious job. He passed away in 261/875, and also was concealed in the houses of Nishapur.

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