Relationship between Lily and Rosaleen

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In the book, The Secret Life of Bees. Written by Sue Monk Kidd she develops the relationship between Lily and Rosaleen through multiple occurances. This is important because throughout the story you see Rosaleen not as Lily's maid ,but as her mother. Kidd uses many important events in the story to show the relationship between Lily and Rosaleen. From the story, "The Secret Life of Bees". Lily's association with Rosaleen was depicted in the story by Lily indicating love and thinking about her in spite of the fact that Rosaleen is an unexpected race in comparison to her. This demonstrates LIly wasn't supremacist or against any shading, yet she indicates the amount she underpins them. Much the same as for instance when she broke out of prison with Rosaleen. Inside the story it states, "I tapped her arm, her leg, her cheek, her hand." Lily had a go at quieting Rosaleen down and demonstrated friendship while that occurred. Kidd demonstrates their connection among Rosaleen and Lily utilizing the setting and their race. Rosaleen indicated affections and care for a young lady who isn't her girl and an alternate race. Rosaleen went about as a remain in mother as it was said in the principal section of the story. The way Rosaleen communicates her emotions to Lily is as though she was a piece of her family. The time were this story occurred was amid isolation, which means they thought about one another despite the fact that society did not favor of it. The writer of the book depicts the relationship of Rosaleen as a mother, by having her be there for Lily since the start. Lily is motherless, and Rosaleen is the grown-up female in the place of Lily. She deals with Lily by cooking the dinners and keeping up the house. She gives Lily love and spares her from T-beam's serious disciplines. Little youngsters require somebody to turn upward too when they are growing up, and Rosaleen was there for Lily as a mother like figure. In conclusion, Sue Monk Kidd develops the relationship between Lily and Rosaleen through multiple events. This is important to know throughout the story to better understand their relationship. These occurrences she creates explain the relationship between them further and more in detail. Sue shows Rosaleen as the mother of Lily when she needed one.
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