Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre Relationship

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Jane and Rochester’s relationship is centered around manipulation and secrecy. Jane works as a governess under Rochester’s employ. From the time that Jane first meets Rochester, he is, in a way, manipulative and controlling towards Jane. He hides his real identity until he knows he has more power over Jane. Rochester organizes a party, welcoming guests into his house. He flirts with Blanche Ingram, wanting Jane to become jealous and declare her love for him. When she doesn’t, he appears angry and flirts all the more – manipulating Jane’s and Blanche’s emotions. Rochester finally declares his love for Jane, stating they must get married straight away. (Bronte, 163). Another example of Rochester manipulating Jane is when he dresses up as a gypsy to trick Jane into admitting her true feelings for him (Bronte, 228). This manipulation Rochester uses towards Jane affects their relationship.

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“Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre Relationship”

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Bertha is the wife of Mr. Rochester. Bertha Mason is insane and violent. “Bertha Mason is mad; and she came of a mad family; idiots and maniacs through three generations!” (Bronte, 337) Bertha lives in a hidden room on the third floor of Thornfield and is watched all the time by Grace Poole. “He lifted the hangings form the wall, uncovering the second door: this, too, he opened. In a room without a window, there burnt a fire, guarded by a hugh and strong fender, and a lamp suspended form the ceiling by a chain.” (Bronte, 338) Bertha and Rochester were set up by their families to marry one another, even though she was likely to become insane. Mr. Rochester was unable to divorce Bertha due to her insanity which drives him to marry Jane. The social restrictions of the time have again disrupted Jane and Rochester’s relationship (Bronte, 327).

Mr. Rochester’s manipulation of Jane Eyre causes Jane to react in two different ways. Jane’s first reaction is to leave him, which leaves her with nothing. She is forced to be independent. “That I am not Edward Rochester’s bride is the least part of my woe,…” (Bronte, 343) Rochester’s reaction to this is somewhat controlling, he reaction is anger. Her next reaction happens after she goes to find Mr. Rochester and discovers that Thornfield has been ruined, Bertha is dead and Mr Rochester has been blinded and crippled by the fire. She then decides to marry Rochester (Bronte, 487). “Reader, I married him.” (Bronte, 517)

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