Reasons why Cycling Commuting is Better than Driving

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Would you want to be safer, have something that is more useful than what you already have, be able to help the earth, be healthier, and maximize your time? Well, you probably wouldn’t think that it is cycling, but it actually is. Cycling is easier to pay for than public transportation. Biking can help our earth by reducing pollution. Biking can help you get more exercise than sitting in a car. Cycling is safer than using public transportation. Lastly, biking saves your time by not needing to go to the gym. Cycling is more helpful and useful than driving and using public transportation, because it is cheaper, healthier, helps the society and earth, and doesn't waste your time.

Benefits of Cycling

Biking is more helpful than cars in many ways. A bike is easier to finance than a car, which leads to biking being more useful than cars. “Bikes also cost way less to maintain and operate than automobiles”. If you have a car, it costs way more to buy than a bike, and way less to repair. If you crash your car, it will cost you thousands of dollars to repair, but if you crash your bike, it will cost at the max, hundreds of dollars. Biking is way more helpful than just saving money, it helps our earth and society in many ways.

Pros on Earth and Society

Cycling helps our Earth in many ways. First, biking reduces traffic and reduces your own carbon footprint. Next, driving cars causes a lot of pollution, which leads to climate change. When you are biking, there is no pollution being made that leads to climate change and bad gas in the air (Brown, 2018). Biking can help the Earth and your society, but it also can help you be more productive and healthier.

Biking vs. Cars

Biking is healthier than driving a car, because you get exercise and good air. Also, “studies show that it makes you happier” (Eich, 2017). Would you want to be in a car, or be having fun in the real world? Lastly, if you are going to work, parking is easier on a bike than a car, because it is way smaller than a car (Eich, 2017). Biking is productive for you and healthier, but it is also safer for you.

Biking vs. Public Transportation

“Nationwide, you’re more than twice as likely to die while riding a bike than riding a car, per trip” (Dingfelder, 2016). I disagree with this, because a bike won’t be near a 60mph car, or a drunk driver if it is on the sidewalk or bike lane. When you are in the bike lane, you are far away from the nearest car closest to you. When you are using public transportation, you are still at risk against drunk drivers or cars over the speed limit. Lastly, how can bikes maximize your time in the day?

Time Maximization

Biking helps maximize your time in many ways. First, it helps with weight less, so you don’t have to exercise later. Next, it builds muscle, so you don’t have to work out. Lastly, on a bike you don’t have to be in traffic or wait a long time to park (Arthurs-Brennan, 2019). Even though there are all these good things about cycling, there are also some bad things.

Cons of Biking

Biking is really good to use, but it has its bad things about it. If you are driving to work, you can get really sweaty and ruin your clothes. Next, if you live in a climate that snows and rains, you will not be able to bike well and this can lead to accidents. Lastly, if you are riding on a narrow or bumpy land, this can lead to serious injuries (Porpora 2019).


In conclusion, biking is better than cars and public transportation in many ways. For example, biking helps our Earth, it maximizes your time, it is safer than cars, it is healthier than cars, and it is easier to finance than cars. It is your choice if you want to be on a road with a 60mph car or a drunk driver, but if something happens, I warned you!


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