Reading Swift a Modest Proposal

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I think it will be of a proposal a person is giving to someone. I think that it will be satiric because if a proposal was modest, they wouldnt call it that, it would just be a proposal  The poor people are people in Ireland and because of the lack of work for the men, the women and their children have to beg in the streets. The author describes seeing mothers and their children begging in the streetsThe proposed solution is to kill babies between one and two years of age, and to feed them to the wealthy. He make it seem serious with his hyperbole used. However, asking anyone to kill their children to make money is insane.  

To nurse the child up one year of age, then between one into years, they would sell the child to prepare the meat and use the skin to make items such as boots and gloves like cattle or other livestock.  The authors friend, the American The author's friend, the American, suggests raising teenagers instead. This idea wouldnt seem to hurt at all, but Swift brings up the point that the meat of teenagers would be too tough compared to that of the babies. 

Reducing the number of Catholics, reducing the number of the poor and the burdens on their landowners (English), more food  There will be much less people in the kingdom and killing and eating babies... A reduction in the population was actually one of the goals, but its less people to live in misery and depend on the Irish He dismisses ideas that have been proposed in the past calling them on realistic, making Irish women more moral  Mentioning his own family.

He only has one child who was already eight years old and his wife is passed. He cannot benefit from his proposal financially; he is only concerned with the well-being of his country  Yes they were, but I wasnt expecting it to be this gruesome or extreme in the satire categoryContradicted in the way I didnt think it was going to be about eating/skinning babies They all work together because all his reasonings make sense and tie together to themselves.

He gives valid, but absurd reasons.  His overall tone is being ironic. He uses sarcasm to develop his tone by making fun of peoples absurd proposals and using the understatement of the modest proposal of such a non-modest thing He criticizes the rich and Catholics and the English.
He hopes to bring change and bring attention to the problems they are going through.  

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