A Modest Proposal was Way

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A modest proposal was way for us readers to understand the hardship of poor people. The author wanted us as readers to understand about protecting poor children and the poor people of Irish from the rich people of England. Swift wanted to aim at safeguarding families that had a burden of not being able to care for their kids. The entire country insisted that children would become more useful in society. A plan was set to help reduce the population of suffering children because these parents were unable to provide the help that these kids needed. Swifts idea was an attempt that would give a way that was fair for making the children useful.

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“A Modest Proposal was Way”

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He used the reasoning that argued that the problem he created would need to be his solution. He planned to make the children fat, so they can use food that can make the wealthy landowners. He then analyzed the numbers with the price and how long of the weight of the children that showed how it would consume. Jonathan, was able to solve the problem of the overpopulated,  unemployment as well as the concentrate of the growing in the economy. Parents will then be able to cut their own cost as well as their losses.

With the help of improving the economy of the nation in general. His first proposal was that he wanted to lessen the number of papists, who were yearly overrun, in which being the principal breeders of the nation, as well as our most dangerous enemies.

Second, the more impoverished tenants would have something valuable of their own, in which by law may be made liable to distress, that would help pay the landlords rent. Third, maintainer of a hundred thousand children, two years old, cannot be computed at less than ten shillings. Fourth, constant breeders, other than the gain of the eight shillings that sterling per annum of the sale of the children, will be rid of the charge from maintaining them after the first year.

Fifthly, the food would likewise bring great custom to the taverns. Sixthly, Great inducement to marriage. His ideas were to provide for the infants and wanted to relieve the poor and give them some form of pressure on the rich. There were so many families in need of help and couldnt afford to care for their kids due to the fact the population was increasing, and there was not that many jobs or little money available. Swift will continue to support that the proposal with these details until the end. The lesson that I took from this reading is that when there is an overcrowded populated country, there will be fewer jobs and money available to help. The landlords were charging crazy high prices for rent and knowing that a lot of people could not afford to pay the rent.

This lead to a lot of people becoming homeless. The English government did nothing to help them.
Nothing has changed today, due to the fact the government is still not assisting people, and more and more people have become homeless. Everybody wants to work so when you have a lot of people that want to work, and there will be less jobs available.  

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