Racism was an Essential Part of Nazi Ideology

They believed that the Jews were a race whose goal was to dominate the world and, therefore, considered them an obstacle to Aryan rule. They believed that the whole story was summed up in a fight between races that should culminate in the triumph of the Aryan race, the superior. It was thus, that they imposed the duty to eliminate the Jews, who constituted a threat. Moreover, before their eyes, the racial origin of the Jews made them habitual criminals whose rehabilitation was impossible and, because of that, they were hopelessly corrupt and inferior. There is no doubt that there were other factors that contributed to the Nazi hatred of the Jews and the creation of the distorted image that the former had of the Jewish people.

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“Racism was an Essential Part of Nazi Ideology”

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Among the factors that propagated the negativ stereotype of a Jew as a Christ murderer, sent from the devil, as a sorcerer were the centuries-old Christian anti-Semitism tradition. The second half of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century, politic and ethnic anti-Semitism that viewed Jews as a threat and an inferior races was another element. Combining these factors, the Jews were persecuted and ultimately exterminated by the Nazis.

It ranges from enthusiastic cooperation with the nazis to active help given by the Jews to the attitude of local people towards the persecution and devastation of the Jewish people.

In addition, the situation was different from one country to another. In Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) there was much more information about the ‘Final Solution’ since it had been implemented in those regions. In the rest of the places, the local population had less details about the ‘Final Solution’. In all the countries that the Nazis occupied, with the exception of Denmark and Bulgaria, they found many residents eager to cooperate in the murder of the Jews. This happened especially in Eastern Europe, where there was a long tradition of violent anti-Semitism, and where many nations, which were under Soviet rule (Latvians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians), hoped that the Germans would return their independence. In various European countries there were local fascist movements that allied themselves with the Nazis and participated in anti-Jewish actions; for example, the Iron Guard in Romania and the Arrow Guard in Slovakia. On the other hand, in all European countries, there were brave people who risked their lives to save Jews. In several countries there were groups that helped the Jews, for example, the Joop Westerweel group in Holland, the Zegota in Poland and the clandestine Assisi movement in Italy.

The Nazis frequently used propaganda to hide their political goals and deceive the German and international public. In order to hide their true ideological goals, and justify war and violence against civilians. Innocent, they described Germany as the victim of Allied and Jewish aggression

Propaganda was an important tool for obtaining the support of the majority of the German public that had not endorsed Adolf Hitler. This served to advance the radical Nazi program, which required the acceptance, support or participation of broad sectors of the population

On the other hand, education in the Third Reich served to instill in students the national socialist vision of the world. Nazi educators and intellectuals extolled the Nordic race and other ‘Aryan’ races, and classified Jews and other peoples considered inferior as ‘bastard races,’ parasites, unable to create a culture or civilization.

The Nazi Party was one of those who expressed dissatisfaction with the surrender of Germany and the imposition of strong compensatory measures to the country after the First World War, which caused a nationalist reaction in the population that did not understand the outcome of the war.

Racism was an essential part of Nazi ideology. He proposed that we human beings are divided into races, the Aryan race of which the Germans were their main representatives being on the cusp as a ‘superior race.’ There were also inferior races, such as the Slavs and blacks; and groups that were in the lower scales of racial categories, such as Jews. Nazism identifies the Jews as their ‘racial enemy,’ the antithesis of the Aryan race. The presence of Jews in Germany meant a threat to racial purity, so they sought to eliminate Jews from the country. This way of understanding the world was instilled in the Germans through schools when Nazism came to power in 1933. The state begins to indoctrinate youth in racist theories through racial education.

Only those of the Aryan race become citizens.

By the beginning of the Second World War when Germany defeated Poland, an estimated 1,800,000 Jews were Nazi. The murder of Hitler was not immediately ordered. A proposal was devised instead for the expulsion, within Lublin district, of all Jews living within the Reich to a special area of the General Government. The Nazis were trying to implement this plan of Nisko and Lublin, but it never came to fruition, since in the spring of 1940 it was clear that the Jewish question had not been resolved, since Poland had no land.

Introduced in May 1940 by the Madagascular Plan, the next phase of anti Jewish policies was a proposal for all European Jews to be deported to a French colony on that East African island. In the’ Battle of Britain,’ however, the Germans were defeated a couple of months later, and thus the notion of moving millions by sea was unworkable. The systematic slaughter of soviet Jews was started immediately by the mobile extermination units called Einsatzgruppen, along with the regular army, police and local collaborators. It was first used as a method of solving Jewish Ques through mass and organized extermination

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