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Black Klansman is a comedic film directed by Spike Lee but the main reason for this film is to point out to us as audiences that hatred and racism is still happening in the U.S and will never stop. Ron who is the first black cop in Colorado Springs wants to make something for himself and not work in the records room and do better things for himself. And he wants to stop the terror attack the KKK are plotting. Altering financial inequality will not change discrimination in this country. Moreover, try saying this to the young black individuals that deal with discrimination in America every day, as well as poverty in America. Ron is always discriminated against even being a cop will not

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Save you from the racist slurs and he is often made fun of so he asks to be transferred to become a undercover cop because he does not want to work at the office his whole life so he becomes an undercover cop. “Discrimination is this belief in the domination of one race at another, which frequently results in favoritism and bias towards people from their race or ethnicity. Nowadays, the usage of the term ”discrimination ” does not easily come under a single explanation”. [1].

After Ron gets the job he gets right to work and his job is to pervade and reveal the KKK and what they’re planning on doing. He gets help from a Jewish guy named Zimmerman to play as the racist guy who is with the Ku Klux Klan and plan on working with them to plot their terrorist attack. After they get together they make a plan on taking down the KKK. What Ron does is talk to the racist people and make it sound like he is a white racist guy then asks Zimmerman to impersonate him and it works even though they have some doubts like when Jasper asks Zimmerman if he is a undercover because he kept asking a lot of questions about what their planning to do and they suspect Zimmerman of being a Jew and they want him take a jewelator test. “I hate jews mexicans and irish italians and chinese but my mouth to god’s ears i hate those black brats and anyone that doesn’t really have pure blood aryan blood running through their veins” “film” he is saying that he hates everyone who is not white and not only black people and that’s why KKK plots on killing everyone that is not black . Ron becomes close with the wizard over the phone as he continues to make himself sound racist by saying that he hates black people even though he is black he says that black people would be better of dead and that america only is to the whites. In the end, both cops become face to face with the Duke and the KKK and confront them which shocks them. another film that gets deeply in to racism that we watched in class is Birth Of Nations Black Klansman director uses ideas from it “This is personal for me,” Lee said. “I’m a graduate of NYU film school. The first year, my professor screened the film Birth of a Nation, and they taught us all of the cinematic innovations D.W. Griffith had come up with, but they left out everything that had to do with the social impact of the film. That this film re-energized the Klan. The Klan was dormant, it was dead, and it brought about a rebirth. Therefore, because of the rebirth of the Klan, it led to Black people being lynched, strung up, castrated and murdered, but that was never discussed!” [2]

The Birth Of Nation is about two families who have their kids going to a boarding school which makes them become close and their the only two black families who have their kids going to a boarding school.

. Another very good documentary that we watched in class that’s similar to this is Eyes On The Prize a civil rights movement film the film also has racist people who discriminate against black people. Both films eyes on the prize and Black Klansman have nonviolent protesters. nonviolent protest in eyes on the prize is led by Martin Luther King king Jr. and in Black Klansman it’s a women named Patrice which is very interesting because women the reason why they are protesting to get equality because how black people were treated as if they were another thing and not human beings.

“It is all here–the violence and terror at Little Rock, the student sit-ins, the Freedom Riders, the arrests in Albany, Georgia, the beatings and police dogs in Birmingham, the march on Washington in 1963, Freedom Summer in Mississippi in 1964, and that bloody bridge in Selma, Alabama, in 1965. Politicians such as Orville Faubus, George Wallace, and Ross Barnett rallied white resistance, but as murder and mayhem against white and black Civil Rights workers repeatedly made the headlines, public opinion rallied behind President Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1965 Voting Rights Act”.[3]. Till today the racism and the discrimination in the United States are still going on and black young people are getting killed. Even with the ban of segregation and if racial discrimination was banned there would be so many people who would get away with it because there is a lot of racist people living in the U.S. Racism isn’t used as much as Dr king time but their are some people are racist. That’s where the film black klansman comes the film is trying to tell us a message that racism is still going on and that it will never stop no matter what people do no matter how many laws we get there’s just a lot of racist people living in the U.S.

All of the eight sections bases on the all inclusive community whose test to separation went through dynamic stages. At first, there were Charles Hamilton Houston and the young lawful guides who undermined the lawful educating of discrete anyway identical. By then, the extreme murdering in 1955 of fourteen-year-old Emmett Till in Money, Mississippi, revealed the significance of white partiality, scraped dull Americans, and inspired in any occasion to a constrained degree the Montgomery transport boycott that drew in thought upon the energetic Martin Luther King, Jr., as the pioneer of serene dispute. And even today cops are killing black teenagers because they see them as a threat and they think that their going to harm them so they always shoot and ask questions later.     

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