Making Public Transportation Free or at Least Cheaper

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Public transportation is an essential part of a city. A good public transit can encourage a city’s economic activities and can provide its citizen a convenient life. Living in a city, where a lot of people rely on public transit, but where a lot of people find it expensive poor people really make a lot of calculations for when they will take transit. There are many seniors who walk everywhere and save their bus ticket`s money for special occasions like going to the doctor. Many social service agencies will offer free bus pass for people often seniors and youth to attend programs, knowing that participants won’t come if their transportation isn’t covered.

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“Making Public Transportation Free or at Least Cheaper”

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If public transportation were free shopping would be a lot more convenient because people can make a few stops along their route to do their duties and not have to worry about paying again every time they get on the bus again. This freedom is enjoyed by people who can afford a monthly or weekly pass, but the pass system is kind of expensive. Free transit means free access to different parts of the city. People taking a part time minimum wage job across town don’t have to figure in whether or not they should pass up the opportunity in favor of something closer to home. It means a student who really wants to go to that school across town with the great arts/science/business program doesn’t have to count pennies to figure out if they’re going to be able to make it to class every day.

In a city full of immigrants, it means the seniors who have come to live with their children in the suburbs can take the bus to do their shopping and hang out with their buddies who speak the same language as them. They are extremely isolated to come here as a senior and not have the language skills to talk to the neighbors on their street. Free public transit makes the biggest difference to those who don’t have a lot of options for getting around the city. They are the most marginalized people and free transit means they’ll have the ability to access all parts of the city, all it will cost them is time, inconvenience, comfort and most of them would be overjoyed if this happened. There are a couple of good arguments for making public transportation free or at least cheaper than it costs to provide.

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