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This experiment was designed to reflect reproducibility as a defining feature of science based on conducted replications several experimental and correlational published in psychological journals using original materials and high powered designs. It focuses on the role of explaining the reasons and the argument basing on making decisions when faced with the need to choose and make solutions by constructing facts that resolve the conflict and justify the made choice to the involved party. In this experiment, the role of reasons are reviewed by exploring and manipulating where other decision studies are interpreted from different perspective. In this case the role of reasons in decision making is considered to be related to, conflict, uncertainty, normative decision rules and context effects.

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“Psychology Scientific Journal Article”

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This experiment focuses on a study that demonstrates a robust memory that outlines the existence of a visual context that guide spatial attention where part of the configuration were repeated across blocks throughout the entire session and targets appeared within consistence locations in these arrays. This is known as contextual cueing which is driven by incidentally learned association between spatial configuration and target locations.

The dependent measure of the experiment shown that the benefit was obtained despite chance performance for recognizing the configurations indicating that the memory for context was implicit. However no single indicator clearly outlines the replication success and the indicators examined are not the only way to evaluate reproducibility.

In conclusion it was deduced that a large portion of replications produced weaker evidence for the original findings despite the use of the provided materials as an advance review for methodology fidelity that involve high statistical power which detect the original effects sizes. This shows that the implicit learning and memory of visual context can be used as a guide to spatial attention towards relevant aspects of different scenes.

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