Fahrenheit 451 – Dialectic Journal

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F451 Dialectic Journal |Chapter |Passage |Significance | |1 |“It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things |There is absolute pleasure when eating something. When something changes, it could| | |blackened and changed. Narrator page 3 |end up good or bad. However, when something is blackened, the only things that | | | |come to mind are burnt food and arson. Both of which are not pleasant looking or | | | |feeling. | |1 |““So many people are. Afraid of firemen, I mean.

But you’re just a |Throughout my life, I’ve seen a lot of movies where people are betrayed or | | |man after all…” Clarisse McClellan” page 7 |deceived and lines such as “How could you, you monster? ” are spoken. Sometimes | | | |when this happens, I always think to myself that deep down; the “monster” can | | | |change, because they’re just as human as their victim. |1 |““You think too many things,” said Montag, uneasily. ” Guy Montag |Clarisse isn’t the only person who has dozens of thoughts streaming through her | | |page 9. |head. I’m also a thinker myself. Sometimes when I’m talking to my friends, I often| | | |change topics a lot because I ask a random question that just randomly came to | | | |mind.

This passage also shows a result of not reading; failure to keep track with | | | |someone who has more knowledge. Since Guy doesn’t read any books, he is not | | | |capable of managing two or more ideas at the same time. | |1 |““Are you happy? ” she said. ” |Wow, I’ve never even thought of that myself.

People tend to do things and not | | | |think about how they feel or would feel afterwards. I for example, have done a lot| | | |of things merely because I was told or suggested to do. Even when I really didn’t | | | |want to do it, I did it anyways because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. | | |Sometimes, you just have to stop and think about whether it is worth doing because| | | |you might end up regretting every moment of it. | |1 |““We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the |I highly disagree with this quote because I appreciate being different. No one can| | |Constitution says, but everyone made equal. ” Captain Beatty page |agree on the same religion or follow the same culture. Neither can people look or | | |58 |sound the same because that’d be against nature. However, I do agree that everyone| | | |can be equal, but if I work harder than someone else and accomplish more, then I | | | |should be rewarded. |Chapter |Passage |Response | |1 |“The converter attachment, which had cost them one hundred |So not only can you not multi-think, but another cause of not having books is| | |dollars, automatically supplied her name whenever the |having a low memory. To think that he can’t even remember a name is just very| | |announcer addresses his anonymous audience, leaving a blank|sad.

Thanks to this guy, I’m starting to appreciate being forced to read a | | |where the proper syllables could be filled in. A special |book. This passage also shows how much electronics have improved in their | | |spot-wavex-scrambler also caused his televised image, in |time. Not only that, prices for such machines are probably worthy thousands | | |the area immediately about his lips, to mouth the vowels |in our time, yet it’s only worth one-hundred dollars in the future. | |and consonants beautifully. ” Narrator page 64 | | |1 |““It’s fun out in the country. You hit the rabbits, |OH MY GOODNES!! Crashing into rabbits and dogs is the definition of having | | |sometimes you hit the dogs. ”” Mildred Montag page 64 |fun down in the country?

In our time, people would probably get arrested and | | | |thrown into prison for some time by running over animals for “fun” as well as| | | |going +100 miles per hour. This is just so wrong. | |2 |“The bombers crossed the sky and crossed the sky over the |I’m assuming Ray Bradbury is using bombers as in bombing planes.

In that | | |house, gasping, murmuring, whistling like an immense, |case, this is not only an example of onomatopoeia, but also personification. | | |invisible fan, circling in emptiness. ” Narrator page 73 | | |2 |“The train hissed to its stop. ” Narrator page 80 |Here’s another example of onomatopoeia and personification. | |2 |““I need you to teach me. ” Guy Montag page 88 |In our time, a lot of people prefer to not have to go to school. To think | | | |that someone would beg and even go as low as giving threats in order to get a| | | |lesson is a very peculiar scenario for me. | |2 |““It listens! If you put it in your ear, Montag, I can sit |I’m going to predict that this is an earpiece walkie-talkie.

Professor Faber | | |comfortably home, warming my frightened bones, and hear and|describes how he spent nearly half his life playing the stock market and | | |analyze the fireman’s world, find its weakness, without |waiting to use the thing. From the way it sounds, the earpiece must’ve cost a| | |danger. ”” Professor Faber page 90 |fortune. From the research I’ve done, such earpieces cost between | | | |one-hundred to two-hundred dollars.

Is there really a need to play the stock | | | |market? I remember the converter attachment used earlier only costs | | | |one-hundred dollars. In my opinion, such a smart machine should be worth more| | | |than the earpiece. Maybe one-hundred dollars in the future is thousands now. |2 |““No one in his right mind, the good Lord knows, would have|As far as I know, most married couples would want children. I know I will | | |children! ”” Mrs. Phelps page 96 |have children when I get married. They must not want to go through the pain. | |2 |““I think he’s one of the nicest-looking men ever became |Sounds more to me like Mrs. Bowles voted for President Noble only because he | | |president. ”” Mrs.

Bowles page 96 |was good-looking. She also said that she voted the same as everyone else. | | | |Back when it was presidential elections, I think a lot of people wanted to | | | |vote for Barack Obama only because he was African American rather than what | | | |he can do.

Some people argue that it was politics but if they ask themselves | | | |deep down, I bet they can’t deny that it was also because he took a stand for| | | |his race. I have many friends who wanted Obama for president and when I asked| | | |them why, they’d say he was cool or awesome.

To me, that meant it was only to| | | |blend in with the crowd. Honestly, I wanted Hilary Clinton for president, not| | | |only because she had past experience since her husband was president, but | | | |also because she was a woman. | |3 |“The books leapt and danced like roasted birds, their wings|Here’s another use of personification!

The way the author described how the | | |ablaze with red and yellow feathers. ” Narrator page 117 |books “danced” reminded me of a slightly cooked rooster with wings that are | | | |still vibrant in color. In Eastern culture, the rooster is ascribed five | | | |virtues: courage, generosity, punctuality, benevolence, and wisdom.

According| | | |to the Chinese zodiac, anyone born in the year of the rooster is likely to be| | | |confident and capable, and able to make a recovery from any set-back. I think| | | |this is a great symbol for what Montag is feeling. He realizes the importance| | | |of what books can give you, and is willing to save them. |3 |““You always said, don’t face a problem, burn it. ”” Guy |I guess what goes around does come back around. I bet Beatty never thought | | |Montag page 121 |that his words would come back and bite him in the butt. When Montag said | | | |this line, there was like a rush of adrenaline flowing through my mind.

I was| | | |very happy that he was finally taking a stand for his beliefs and I got to | | | |see his official ominous side which was very pleasing. | |3 |“Mildred, God bless her, had missed a few. ” Guy Montag page|Why would he even bless her? She, his own wife, betrayed him and sold him out| | |122 |to the law enforcers via firefighters.

Well I guess I would appreciate her | | | |for not finding every book because they were rare, but still, she’s his wife! | | | |How could she even think to do such a thing? I guess this kind of proves the | | | |love they have for eachother… | |3 |“It was not burning. It was warming. Guy Montag page 145 |This passage reminds me of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. In the | | | |movie, Lavagirl gets afraid of her power because she is persuaded that fire | | | |is nothing but destruction. However, the main character convinces her that | | | |fire isn’t always destruction, but it’s also light.

In this case, fire isn’t | | | |just burning, it’s also heat. At times we may be afraid of what we see, but | | | |until we get to know what it is, no one will really know how better it is. | |3 |““We all made the right kind of mistakes, or we wouldn’t be|I highly agree with this passage. A lot of people get frustrated when they do| | |here. ” Granger page 150 |something wrong, but it’s because we made the mistakes that we were able to | | | |learn from it. I remember a case where I was playing a game and I didn’t know| | | |what to do so I decided to guess, but I accidently clicked a different button| | | |and it turned out to be the right one. |

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