Procrastination Issue in College

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Procrastination means to avoid or delay doing important tasks or assignments to do more pleasurable/low priority things. In todayr's world, college students are the ones highly affected by the procrastinating. For most first college students, the campus life becomes overwhelming and is a huge transition from high school. Procrastinating is not always done on purpose, but it just kind of becomes a bad habit. Students often procrastinate when it comes down to getting their work done on time whether it's to be due the next day, week, or even the end of the semester. Procrastinators often become stressed out due to the lack of time they have given themselves to present a great quality of scholarly work, as well as the thought of a good grade not being guaranteed.

Most college students procrastinate unknowingly simply because they are not prepared for an assignment. They find it hard to complete their work and/or even start on it due to the assignment being difficult for them to comprehend. It is very easy for outsiders to try and guess why students procrastinate so often, it is hard for them to be accurate because outside of school, life itself is also taking place. Freshman college students are away from home for the first time and is not used to doing their homework without being told by their homework without being told by their parents constantly. They report having difficulty concentrating and wasting a lot of time when working on assignments in highly distracting, cluttered, noisy or unorganized places such as on their beds. Being in college and living on campus, there is a million and one reasons and things that can easily distract students from doing their assignments and putting their attention and focus in many other places. Most would think that college students are responsible enough to remember their work, but in all actuality, them putting their work on hold until the last minute is not always done intentionally.

When students begin to make procrastinating a bad habit and or even a hobby, they begin to see negative changes in their grades. The students lose their ability to turn in scholarly worded work and is often rewarded a bad grade. Opposed to just starting on their work and finishing in a timely manner the students wait until the night before their work is due to try and attempt to do it. Not only does procrastination affect the students academically, but it affects them playing sports, and any other extracurricular activities they want to participate in or be apart of. After putting things on hold for so long, students tend to become stressed out which in many ways can begin to affect their health. As humans you can have dreams and set goals for yourself individually. As life progresses on, what we fail to realize is by procrastinating and putting not only homework on hold until further notice, but we also tend to procrastinate on real life situations that causes us to have setbacks and often puts our whole daily life on pause. Most procrastinators put themselves in bad situations and are affected very negatively and undergo negative changes in life due to this bad habit.

Another reason college students procrastinate is because the might have children. Having children and being in school is not easy so I have heard. Most people put their children before them. They make sure their child's work is done before theirs is. They dont do it intentionally but it happens. If they are a single parent it is even harder on them. Taking care of children by themselves can be very hard so I have heard.

In conclusion procrastinating happens in college a lot. Some procrastination is intentionally and some is not. When people forget about doing their work and realize it is due the next day they dont intentionally do it. Everyone procrastinates in the world today because it is just something that happens. If you procrastinate in college intentionally you will fall behind on work and it will be hard for you to catch back up.

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