Procrastination: an Experiment of the Problem

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44 people participated in study 1 and 60 students participated in study 2. Students in study 1 had a term paper at the end of the semester. 4 weeks later Participants filled out Layr's General Procrastination scale (1986) in study 1 and McCown and Johnson measure of procrastination in study 2.
For the next 30 days, students in study 1 completed daily symptom checklists and weekly measure of stress and work requirements.

In study 2, participants also filled out reports of any visits to health-care professionals and questionnaires were given out last week of class. The main finding in the study was that procrastinators experience less stress and fewer symptoms than non procrastinators.
In study 2, Procrastinators experience less stress and fewer symptoms early in the semester. The exact opposite happens when the assignments due dates are close, so therefore perform lower and inferior grades.

Researchers in study 1 examined the procrastinators test and term papers and compared it to non procrastinators.
The main finding in study 1 is that procrastinators scores significant low score than non procrastinators. It was also found that procrastinators experience less stress and fewer health symptoms than non procrastinators.
No study is perfect. This particular study is lacking awareness. More studies like this need to be done with more involvement of all age groups and races.

Conscientiousness is being efficient and organized. Extraversion is being energetic, talkative.
Openness to experience is being curious and creative. Agreeableness is being compassionate and cooperative. Neuroticism is being sensitive and nervous. Emotional stability is also used to describe this trait. Extraverts are more likely to procrastinate compared to conscientious people.
Neuroticism and an agreeable people are most like to procrastinate. An agreeable can be swayed into doing things, while an Neuroticism person can be emotionally unstable.

I am a procrastinator. This activity has taught me the effects of procrastination on my school work, and health. For example, the assignments that I turn in late or work on it last minute get lower grades than the assignments I work on for some time.

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