Primark Sustainability

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On April 24, 2013 in Dhaka Suburb which is a place in Savar, Bangladesh had an eight-story factory building collapse. 1,135 people were killed because this building was built on supposedly swampy unstable grounds combined with routine safety checks from the owner or the brands who sourced from them. This factory offered Western and other global companies duty-free access and low wages to its workers. You would think with this market emerging in Bangladesh, $28 billion a year to be e that they have still continued to support and aid their workers in Bangladesh. They have given out more than $14 million in aid and have worked with NGO’s to make a positive change in their line of work and in the world. Primark was the number one company that provided more aid than any other company that was directly involved in the Rana Building collapse. [O’Connor, Clare. Forbes] Here are some of Primark’s long term practices for their factories; long term compensation for workers and their dependents to their suppliers, provide financial education, and they have implemented programs with Bangladesh based NGO SHEVA and Dhaka University to teach how to invest to their factory employees. This collapse has sparked a train effect in the industry. The Bangladesh Accord has created a binding contract to push toward a safer garment industry in Bangladesh.

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Who are they? What do they do? NGO SHEVA was created in 1991 to empower women. They help women with employment in Bangladesh which then would improve their status economically as well as their living conditions. They are strongly focused on women in the workforce in garment factories since this industry has risen in Bangladesh. They keep corporates accountable for their workers in these factories. Primark is one corporate that has teamed up with them in this effort. [Sheva Nari O Shishu Kallyan Kendra]

Textiles & Environmental Efforts

Primark has been a brand to look up to with their sustainable practices and ethics. In addition to their progress with factories they have also made sure to use less damaging fabrics for the environment and less animal cruelty to create clothes. Primark officially stated on may 15, 2018 they will never use products that contain Mohair. They use sustainable cotton produced by independent cotton farmers in Pakistan and plan to teach other farmers they choose to work with how to produce their cotton sustainably. They have teamed up with NGO REEDS (the Rural Education and Economic Development Society) to help them educate Pakistanian Farmers how to produce sustainably for their Primark Stores. [Primark Newsletter] Primark has published their Restricted Substance List on their website. These items that are restricted have harmful chemicals in them so they have been restricted under Primark. They have listed their Chemical Inventory list which helps to eliminate hazardous chemicals and allows them monitor its usage. They allow you to see Primarks Chemical Management reports and case studies as well as their ZDHC wastewater Guidelines. These list contain thousands of listed names and numbers and graphs which make it impossible to list here. A link to click will be in the works cited page if anyone wishes to view each individual PDF. The same month in May 2018 they became apart of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This is a step to reduce their impact on the environment. Other notable companies in this act are H&M, Nike, Gap, and Burberry. Their participation will have them keeping their products in use through recycling. They will have materials that are renewable and safe for the environment, people, and animals; as well as taking their old clothes or their donated clothes and turning them into new clothes. [The Ellen Foundation]

What exactly is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation? They are a foundation that is dedicated to making fashion circular. Clothes today are being wasted which is polluting the Earth. Their mission? To make clothes from safe and renewable materials by having companies recycle old clothes and create a new item with it. This initiative was launched in May 2017 to bring together NGO’s and brands. On July 11,2018 Primark has officially certified all its cosmetics as cruelty free. The entire Primark range is cruelty free. This is not limited to only their makeup though, this includes their skin care and haircare lines. You can see yourself by locating the leaping Bunny logo on the back of every Primark Product sold. The leaping bunny logo is protected under and by the Cruelty Free International. They are the number one leaders in ending animal cruelty and experiments worldwide. Timeline Of Support as listed and captured from Primark Website This timeline was established in 2013 after a building in Bangladesh collapsed.

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