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If a person throws away a plastic bag every day on average and a plastic bag contaminates 0.06 square meters of land, a city with a population of 1 million will lose 1 million plastic bags per day. That caused about 60,000 square meters of land pollution every day. Also, plastics pollute the environment. People should reduce their use of plastics. Nowadays, most people are concerned about and discuss the impact of plastics on the environment. The United States makes a lot of plastic bags every year. While people use plastics bags, plastic bags have become environmentally damaging because of excessive use and constant waste. Ultra-thin plastic bags are easily damaged, so after they are damaged, people discard them at will, so they become environmentally hazardous materials, so the world's garbage is growing more and more every day. The first reason is that plastics are the main pollution on earth. The second reason is that plastics are difficult to degrade so they will be kept for a long time. The last reason is that plastics are harmful to the human body. People should reduce their use of plastics because plastics are the main pollution to earth, difficult to break down and plastics are harmful to the human body.

Plastics are the main pollution on earth. Plastic pollution of the world's oceans is posing a growing challenge not only for wildlife, scientists, and environmentalists but also for nations and international bodies such as the United Nations. (Special Feature. It Is Time to Save Our Oceans.)Plastics has two main hazards to the environment, namely ""visual pollution"" and ""potential hazards"". Visual pollution is when there is a lot of rubbish in the city and the rubbish affects the beauty of the whole city. These wastes appear in every corner of the city, such as public areas, greening, and residential areas, and the overall beauty of the city is greatly affected. These plastics are thrown on the ground or they are blown into the sky or trees. What's more, they get into the water, the sea and the lake. These plastics not only pollute the environment but also spread diseases to human beings. These plastics not only cause visual pollution but also cause environmental pollution. There are many components in plastic, they won't be broken down easily, and they will be left everywhere for a long time, so if plastic can't be recycled, they will become useless waste and stay in nature and they will accumulate more and more. These plastics can have adverse effects on the agricultural industry because they stay in the ground for a long time, and the ingredients in the plastics are very bad for the growth of agricultural products and they also prevent plants from absorbing water. Plastic also circulates in rivers and lakes, and they clog and block the input of DAMS, so it doesn't work well, resulting in huge economic and technological losses.

Potential impacts include those that affect marine organisms, habitats, ecosystems, and perhaps even biogeochemical cycling, as well as those that affect human activities, economics, and human health. (Gregory, Murray R., and Anthony L. Andrady. Plastics in the Marine Environment.)This condition is common in zoos and we can find it in the ocean. Waste plastic bags take up a large piece of land, because people can't burn them, all they can only be buried in the ground and occupied the land for a long time can't restore, it will affect people to make effective use of the land, and then we would not have enough food supply or the supply of pure water, so it will affect the basic survival of human beings. Not only is our generation affected by plastic, but it will directly affect our next generation because they will not have a good living environment and it will directly affect their food, water, and breathing conditions. People also need to sort plastic and other kinds of garbage in the garbage heap, because plastic needs to be separated separately, so it increases the cost of disposing of garbage. The contaminated waste plastics cannot be guaranteed quality and their utilization value is very low. Many discarded plastic products can be seen in a large number of public places. Plastic bags are made by people, but the lack of materials comes from nature, so people to some extent use the materials of nature to destroy nature and the environment. The pollution is harmful to human beings in the end. These plastic products are buried underground. It can't be destroyed in 100-500 years. If you burn the white garbage with fire, it will produce poison gas. It will cause inconvenience to our life. Throw it into the sea. I don't know how much small fish to die. Our common white trash is plastic bags, foam and some waste made of plastic. If the buried plastic is underground, it will rot in about 200 years. They are not healthy for soil, it makes ""Plastics are very long-lived products that could potentially have service over decades, and yet our main use of these lightweight, inexpensive materials are as single-use items that will go to the garbage dump within a year, where they'll persist for centuries,"" Richard Thompson, lead editor of the report, said in an interview. ( Douglas Fischer. The Environmental Toll of Plastics. 20 Dec. 2017). As the report, they are really a lot of plastics pollution to the environment. ""If tied together, all these plastic bags could be wrapped around the world seven times every hour."" (UN says world choking on plastic as environmental crisis grows June 5, 2018). People use plastic every day and the amount of plastic is increasing every day by 2010, the number of plastic bags is more than 300 million tons. In an article on the environment and sustainable development, the author calls for people attitudes towards the use of plastic bags and how people should use them. (Plastics, the environment, and human health: current consensus and future trends Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2009 Jul 27;). Even though people are already remediating plastics, plastics are still a lot and they are anywhere, people cannot break them down, so the best way is to stop using plastics.

Plastic bags are difficult to decompose and they are also difficult to be treated by people, so people have to bury the plastic in the ground or burn it. If they are burned, it will produce poisonous gases, and these gases will not only affect the air but also cause a lot of acid rain to fall on the places where people live. The most important ones are the Burning plastics produces dioxins. Dioxin is a carcinogen, which has been tested in the laboratory. When people deeply smell too much Dioxin, it can have a deadly effect on their bodies. They will not disappear immediately, and they will be kept in the ground for more than 100 years. Even after 100, they also can't fully biodegradable, because plastic is human after processing, they are not fully absorbed and fusion with nature, so the plastic caused a great impact on the environment. The plastic will also change the PH of the resulting in land crops on the land survival rate is low. When they remain in the water, any creature that ingests them dies. For protection environment, people can use recyclable materials instead of plastic bags. For example, we can take bags or cloth materials to go shopping in supermarkets. Also, we have to educate their children about the environmental impact on plastic bags. Plastic bags are non-recyclable things that can be found anywhere in the city, which can affect the beauty of the city, but the more serious problem is that they can last a long time because the material in the plastic is difficult to degrade so plastics will be more and more. Finally, plastic bags will affect the environment more. The time required for the degradation of various plastics waste is different, due to the different materials used to make plastic products. There is no statistical data for this specific data, which is many decades or even hundreds of years, short years, or less than one year. It takes about 200 years for the plastic bag to be buried in the ground to rot and seriously pollute the soil. If people want to degrade useless plastics, they have to put them in a large open space, but after degrading, the open space will be destroyed and difficult to recover. The open space will not grow plants for years, but if they do not degrade and put them in one place, they will not be completely degraded by themselves in 1000 years.

Plastics are harmful to the human body. The presence of hormone-like chemicals in plastics has the potential to cause cell and tissue variability in critical stages of human development, the fetal stage and at birth. Scientists have observed experimentally significant changes in some organs, especially the sex organs, including changes in the breast and prostate, and this change is irreversible. In recent years there have been several epidemiological studies and controlled animal experiments performed concerning the health effects of plastic components such as BPA and DEHP. Associations were found between exposure to these compounds and destructive effects on health and reproduction, such as early sexual maturation, decreased male fertility, aggressive behavior, and others. (North, Emily J., and Rolf U. Halden. Plastics and Environmental Health: the Road Ahead.) A large amount of exposure has the potential to increase the risk of cancer, especially in the case of embryos or early childhood. If people want to burn useless plastic bags, it will cause a lot of harmful gases and those gases will pollute the environment. Evaporation residue index can reflect the plastic food bags and disposable lunch box in use processing vinegar, wine, oil and other liquid precipitation of heavy metals, how much residue, and residue and heavy metals will have a negative impact on human health, especially the health effects on a long-term children and adolescents will be greater.When people put hot food in plastics, these high-temperature foods can change the chemical composition of plastic bags, which can endanger people's health over time. This plastic bag contains a lot of polyvinyl chlorides. Polyvinyl chloride is a toxic chemical raw material. When it encounters acidic and oily substances, toxic components are easily released. When people's hot food comes into contact with plastic, plastic will produce a kind of poisonous composition, which will affect people's health.

Of course, some people believe that people should not reduce their use of plastics because there are two reasons. First of all, one of the biggest benefits of plastic is plastics are really convenient. Plastic is very convenient to be reflected in several aspects: it Is light and easy to carry, it is very cheap, it is very durable, and it is tough. The second and the most important reason people like to use plastics is the composition of the plastic is particularly flexible and there is much evidence to support this reason. Plastic is odorless. Plastic chemical stability: plastic has excellent chemical stability, and acid, shout, salt, solvent, steam, waste gas, etc. can not afford chemical, suitable for all kinds of work, agriculture For various, plastic film has been widely used as a packaging bag for various foods and medicines. Polyvinyl chloride film has been widely used as a packaging container for fertilizers. Stic Electrical insulation: Another characteristic of plastics is that they are superior in electrical insulation and are indispensable materials for electrical and electronics industries. Some plastics also have good high-frequency resistance and can be applied to radio communication, television, radar, and other equipment. The bakelite and jadeite plastics commonly found in household plastics are mostly used for electrical appliances, such as our common electric light plugs, switches, and handles for hair dryers and electric rolling knives. In addition to the above-mentioned main characteristics, plastics also have Good sound insulation and heat, good air tightness, low water absorption, easy molding, and low price. Take the molding in a simple way, produce a pair of plastic sandals, from feeding to molding and demoulding, usually only a few seconds to a few Minutes, you can mold once, after a little surface modification, it becomes a finished product. To make a pair of the same leather sandals, it takes dozens of procedures, a period or even days to work. Their argument is understandable and true in some cases and they are really convenient and plastic is particularly flexible sometimes; However, people don't have the awareness to recycle them, which leads to mass The fact of people using plastic cannot be changed, but we should think that how we should use it that makes people's life convenient and at same time, they will not break environment.

For protection environment, people can use recyclable materials instead of plastic bags. For example, we can take recycle materials bags to go shopping in supermarkets. Also, we have to educate their children about the environmental impact on plastic bags. When people go to a restaurant, they should not use plastic tableware, because they can use recycled tableware completely, so the restaurant needs to clean up their recycled tableware properly. People can also bring their own steel lunch boxes or glass lunch boxes in the restaurant and at home. This disposable tableware is not only not environmentally friendly, but also harmful to human health. When people go to a store, they should always carry reusable bags, such as nylon bags, or bamboo bags, so they won't have a big impact on the environment, so they don't have to use plastic anymore. When people need to use plastic bags, they should use plastic bags as little as possible, if people need to use plastic bags in the supermarket, they should recycle the used plastic bags, then they can wash the used plastic bags before they use them. Used plastic bags should not only be used as garbage bags because when they are used as garbage bags, but they can also only be burned and buried. People should use environmentally friendly materials as bags, such as nylon bags, non-woven bags or cotton bags. These materials can be recycled because they can be cleaned with water when they are dirty. These bags are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also beautiful, durable and breathable. Bamboo baskets can be used when people buy food because they are strong and durable. Although the environmental protection concept of urban residents has improved from the previous years, they have begun to pay attention to environmental issues, but they have not yet implemented their own actions. They have abandoned waste and dumped them. The practice of messing up waste plastic packaging can be seen everywhere. Most of the reports of white pollution focus on technologies such as paper substitution and the use of biodegradable plastics.

Producers of plastic must also fulfill the obligation of protecting the environment, they should have enough high technology to recycle plastic bags as much as possible, instead of just producing plastic bags. nor the external pressure to recycle, utilize and dispose of used plastic packaging. Whether people buy food in the vegetable market, buy food in the supermarket, or pack food home, plastic bags will appear in our eyes at a large frequency, which is also a big increase in the use of plastic bags. In fact, people can carry a basket or a reusable shopping bag with people when people go shopping, reducing the use of plastic bags. If people buy too much, they can use a reusable carton instead of a plastic bag to reduce its use. people should use less plastic bags, achieve the purpose of protecting the environment. They should have enough awareness of recycling plastic bags. When you buy clothes, you don't have to have plastic bags. There are also plastic bags for express delivery. There are also plastic bags for take-out. These plastic bags are really reusable. Plastic bags for clothes and the like can be used to classify them into beautiful and suitable for garbage. The plastic bags for express delivery and take-out can temporarily serve as garbage bags in the room. The plastic bags when buying vegetables can be temporarily used as garbage bags before and after cooking in the kitchen. , and many more. People should recycle plastic bags to increase the utilization rate of plastic bags that have been produced, while plastic manufacturers should reduce the productivity of plastic and increase the recycling productivity of plastic. In this way, people's living environment will become better and better.

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