Front Liners in the Philippines

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Our newborn heroes

Front liners are the newborn heroes in this time of a pandemic. They have a brave heart and a strong faith just to serve the people. They are also human. They do fear for their lives. They also have a family and beliefs set aside to help people who are in need of their service. They are heroes. Thus, they have a dilemma of working and fulfilling their duties or preserving their life and be with their family.

In the Philippines, there are at least 17 highly- regarded doctors who lost their lives in their journey to fight against the virus. The lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) makes it more risky, that’s why it is understandable that front liners are afraid of the possible situation that may happen to them. They are the new representation of soldiers sent to the battlefield with guns but no ammunition. In spite of fear, risk, and virus, front liners still work to help our countrymen. They still face the danger everyday without the assurance of their protection just to fulfill their duties. Front liners continue to work and perform their responsibilities despite the risk of their lives. Even though the lack of PPE is a threat situation for them, still they are holding on to their oath; to fulfill their obligation unconditionally.

By working and fulfilling their duties, they can save the lives of thousands of Filipinos who are in danger of death due to COVID-19. On the other hand, if they refuse to work and set aside duties, they may be liable for the possible poor outcome of their patients and may face possible medico legal complications. Front liners may avoid infection and threats to their lives, but may end up facing potential lawsuit.

However, front liners have their own lives, they are humans, and they have their own family. They also want to protect themselves as well as their love ones. By preserving their life, the risk of infection will be lessened and they will be able to live longer together with their family. The feeling of anxiousness will be lessened because they can now focus on how to survive to this pandemic.

This dilemma has no definite answer and solution. Based on my research, front liners have the right to call the attention of the management if they feel that their lives are in danger and if the management does not take necessary action about the problem they may be able to refuse to carry out their duties. But this may not completely protect them from legal complication.

The government can help to resolve this dilemma for the front liners by implementing painful measures necessary to mitigate the spread of the virus. The citizens of the Philippines also have a big role to help the front liners by cooperating to the strict social distancing. With this help, the spread of COVID 19 will be limited and also limit the exposure of our front liners. We do not only prevent people from dying, but we also preserved the lives of our newborn heroes in this pandemic: our front liners. 

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