Plessy V Ferguson Decision

The United States has had numerous hardships in attempting to be one of the greatest nations, yet perhaps the greatest impediment it has confronted has been discrimination, unlawful inequality, and racial segregation towards minorities. For centuries minorities have had this fight with being treated as an animal due to the color of their skin. This disparity and dehumanized treatment had a major effect towards America by making a change to treat each human with the same equality as any other person due to the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights led to equality and ended the legalized racial discrimination, racial segregation, and disenfranchisement in the United States.

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“Plessy V Ferguson Decision”

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The Civil rights movement was the most considerable outbreak during the 1950s and 1960s, so that African Americans may gain the same equality as white people, due to many years of struggling to be equal. Even though the civil war was the cause to abolishing slavery and gave them some type of freedom blacks still faced plenty of discrimination and violence towards them. Although the civil rights movement impacted the lives of people of color there was so many obstacles that stood in the way of achieving the equality they deserved such as the: Jim Crow law, Plessy v. Ferguson “separate but equal”, Great Society-the elimination of poverty and racial injustice, as well as the violence in urban riots during the Civil rights movement. Due to all these limitations African Americans battled to get what they deserved due to all the hardships they had to face to gain their rights and equality as whites.

The Jim Crow law was more than just a rigid anti-black law it is what gave blacks restrictions and created violence and a social control method. It was one of the most extreme measurements of laws that not only restricted blacks from achieving minor goals, but also put them back into slavery, but this time they were enslaved by the government. Ferris State University wrote an article that went further into detail about the Jim Crow law and stated, “whites were superior to blacks in all important ways, including but not limited to intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior; sexual relations between blacks and whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America; treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial sexual unions; any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial sexual relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom of the racial hierarchy”( Ferris 2). Blacks were not only enslaved they would also receive harsh punishments after breaking one of the laws. The Jim Crow law was created to promote fear and terror on to blacks, therefore reinforcing white domination. This law touched every aspect of everyday life and how blacks were not only killed, but their “homes and businesses were looted, and many who did not flee were left homeless” (Ferris 3). Although African Americans were set free during the civil war and the 14th Amendment blacks were bound to stay a slave due to this restriction even though by law they were considered free.

Although the Jim Crow law was a way to keep blacks terrified from whites due to this horrific separation and definition of terror towards whites. Therefore, a that had an important impact towards changing the way people of color were seen, but also being noted as equal to the white man with the Plessy v. Ferguson. Plessy v. Ferguson, was a milestone choice of the U.S. Supreme Court that maintained the legality of racial isolation laws for open offices as long as the isolated offices were equivalent in quality convention that came to be known as “separate, but equal”. According to the Legal information Institute they stated that, “ The petition for the writ of prohibition averred that petitioner was seven-eighths Caucasian and one-eighth African blood; that the mixture of colored blood was not discernible in him; and that he was entitled to every right, privilege, and immunity secured to citizens of the United States of the white race” (Plessy v. Ferguson).Therefore the choice legitimized the many state laws restoring racial isolation that had been passed in the American South after the finish of the Recreation Period. This fundamental case started in 1892 when Homer Plessy, an ‘octoroon’ occupant of New Orleans, intentionally abused Louisiana’s Separate Car Act of 1890, which required “separate, but equal” train vehicle facilities for white and non-white travelers. After being charged, Plessy’s legal counselors protected him by contending that the law was unlawful. Thanks to this case not only did it strengthened the racial segregation in public places, but also throughout the United States which acted on the constitutional rights. Overall, the Plessy v Ferguson case brought constitutional justification for segregation and it also ensured survival towards the unlawful circumstances of the Jim Crow law in the South.

The in- justification that African Americans endured throughout the years due to being racially discrimination took years to even sit in the same room as a white man but before they can even do so they had to fight and stand up for what they believed and knew what the right thing to do. Throughout it all African Americans still believed in gaining their natural rights in becoming equal and even then, eliminating racial injustice and social poverty throughout their community. Social disparity as a rule infers to the absence of correspondence of result, however, may then again be conceptualized as far as the absence of balance of access to circumstance. The social rights incorporate work advertise, the wellspring of pay, human services, and the right to speak freely of discourse, instruction, political portrayal, and support. Social imbalance connected to financial disparity, generally depicted based on the inconsistent dissemination of salary or riches, is an as often as possible examined kind of social imbalance. Even though the controls of financial aspects and human science for the most part utilize distinctive hypothetical ways to deal with look at and clarify monetary disparity, the two fields are effectively engaged with inquiring about this imbalance. In a novel that goes into depth of the Great society and poverty to which African Americans battled through it stated that, “The relatively few African Americans who were able to scratch their way out of peonage and acquire modest property or enter a profession did so in the face of enormous odds, while legal and extra-legal restrictions fixed them in persistently precarious conditions. Imprisonment, legal and extra-legal violence, disfranchisement, exclusion from public places, the deployment of racist iconography and agitation of white supremacist culture and politics limited African Americans’ geographic and social mobility and ensured fortunes for southern barons in cotton, textiles, and extractive industries among other sectors of the economy” (They All Hold Swords: America’s Journey From the War on Poverty to A War on Poor People 2-3). Be as it may, social and regular assets other than simply financial assets are likewise unevenly appropriated in many social orders and may add to societal position. Standards of allotment can likewise influence the conveyance of rights and benefits, social force, access to open merchandise, for example, instruction or the legal framework, satisfactory lodging, transportation, credit and money related administrations, for example, banking and other social products and ventures. 

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