Personal Firewalls in the Elimination of Cyber Threats


The term “Cyber Security” which is also termed as “Computer Security /IT Security”, can be defined as the indemnity of the Computer/Network system against the malfunctions and disrupted services which are encountered due to the pilferage of the information entities present on the Computer/Network system. Computer Network has been able to establish itself as a method of approach of present generation towards socialization. But despite of its abundant usage, the cyberspace is still being encountered with several threats and disruptions. To address the issue of cyber security, various frameworks and models are in the phase of development. It also introduces the concepts of cyber security in terms of its framework, workforces and information related to protecting personal information in the computer. This paper demonstrates those issues along with their possible solutions that can be implemented in the near future for the complete establishment of cybersecurity.

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“Personal Firewalls in the Elimination of Cyber Threats”

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Sometimes due to the pilferage of the information entities present on the computer network the services supposed to be provided for the cyberspace users are interrupted or delayed. The indemnity of the computer system against such malfunctions is referred to as “Cyber/Computer Security”. Along with the development of various technologies and systems within the cyberspace and the increased community dependency, the security efficacy of the cyberspace remains constant. Cyber security emphasizes on stabilizing the security efficacy for the improvement of the condemnatory operating constituents of the computer network. Despite of various issues and threats, cyber security issues have not been privileged to be placed under proper scrutiny till now.


One of the common word in the field of Cyber security is the firewall system.

The firewall system is a form of a networking system which is considered to work as an aid in the elimination of cyber threats. In simpler words, a firewall system is a network security system that emphasizes on the monitoring and controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.(Noureddine,2010,pp.32)


Due to increase in the adoption of internet-based services to increase the interactions, the governments are in the process of transformation of their major services to online services. Deployment of internet-based services at government level has increased the possibilities of sabotage systems security from internal or external sources. Based on published reports (Department of Homeland Security 2014, Reddy, Reddy 2014, JangJaccard, Nepal 2014, Elmaghraby, Losavio 2014, Sebastian Bortnik 2012, APWG 2013, An Osterman Research White Paper 2015) and a conference held at USA(CyberSecurity – Stanford, CA, USA 2014), it is acknowledged that intelligent cyber terrorists may be able to create an integrity, availability or confidentially attack on cyber services or government database related services. security. Also from another 16th October 2014 report, a phishing campaign (APWG 2013) has targeted a wide variety of recipients while employing the Dyre/Dyreza banking malware, which targets sensitive user account/login credentials and send the captured data to malicious actors. Dyre/Dyreza banking malware is new challenge for developed nations and mostly targeting senders, attachments, exploits, themes, and payload.


Computer/Cyber Security has been emerging as a complicated matter nowadays. Despite of the fact that the risks of cybercrimes or internet exploitation can be reduced if the individuals working along are conscious enough to make note of their activities on the cyberspace and determine their possible outcomes. As the Internet is a wide network so it takes the slightest time to spread the information leaked by you without determining whether it is purposely or not. So, any personal information must not be published without any significant cause. Even though there has been continuous efforts by innumerable organizations for the eradication of cyber threat and establishment of cyber security over the past few years, various constraints are still being encountered due to the emerging technological dependency and facility limitations.

As the security threats are a major hinderance in the advantages of computer network many organizations have been working to reduce the threats with the public awareness. One of such considerable attempt has been carried away under the partnership of private and government sectors with an aim to address the ongoing hinderances in the field of cybersecurity education by the “National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education(NICE)”. [2]


  • To avert identity thefts some indispensable measures must be adopted by the cyberspace users. As in today’s scenario, most of the payments and businesses are performed within the cyberspace, there are times when it is required to share information such as financial account numbers, driver license numbers, email IDs and passwords as well to be able to get access to such services. While going through such online services we must pay attention to whether they are genuine or not and make sure not to share any personal identity information.
  • With the ongoing phising scams, email from unknown email id must be reported as usually frauds may gather any personal information. It is considered beneficial not to share any confidential information through electronic mails/messages.
  • Never send personal or con?dential information via email or instant messages as these can be easily intercepted.
  • Install software updates known as patches that helps to ?x issues of operating system (OS) (e.g., Mac OS X , Windows Vista, Windows XP,) and software programs such as Microsoft applications
  • Find under system’s security setting for a default personal ?rewall and switch it on Vista. After turning on the ?rewall, check it for any open ports which would allow hackers and viruses.


The dependency of human socialization and settlement on computer network/technology have increased in a rapid pace in the near past. Despite of the increased dependency and popularity the cyberspace is still not a completely safe option for anyone as the prevalent and increasing cyberthreats are there to interrupt in the computer networking. Even though cyber security nowadays is not a crucial as it used to be, but the condition is still not appreciable.

As the cyberspace is enjoyed by the mankind for socialization and many other facilities, precautions must always be taken. The cyber security issue should be not just limited within the individuals but the government must also exercise and take some action against the cyber attacker/hackers as some of the cybercrimes performed against the government may end up collapsing the economic condition of a country by hacking the stock exchange and financial services by adding their own fake figures. Along with that cybersecurity can also disrupt many of the terrorist conversations/activities which may later get an oppurtunity to be implemented against our respective countries.

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