Patriarch and Sexism

Gender inequality has been evidenced for a long period. As evidenced in chapter six of the book Gender by (Wade and Ferree 126) genders are distributed unequally and that, both women and men need to embrace gender for the society to be fully functional. Inequality and masculinity is a true thing and from the book it is evidenced in cheerleading, Patriarch and sexism.

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To begin with, in America during the mid-1980s, cheerleading was a sport dominated by men. Women were not supposed to participate since it was a masculine activity. Men left for World War I and women started participating in cheerleading. After the return of men from war I, they attempted to get rid of women from cheerleading.

Some schools went ahead and prohibited females from cheerleading, (Wade and Ferree 126). Mass recruitment of males to World War II came as an added advantage to female cheerleaders since they enjoyed the participating privileges. Secondly, patriarchies were a system developed in America and many European societies. Patriarch literally meant the rule of the father whereby controlling female and younger adult members by selecting adult men. Women had no right their own bodies and children they bore, only men who had legal and civil rights to do whatever they wished on the outside world. Life was so hard for women, and they too resulted in fighting. They would emerge victorious rarely, and this would see them earn one hard-fought right at a time (Wade and Ferree 130).

In this system, it simply implied that to have powers you needed to be a man. Lastly, from the book sexism is coming out clearly that males are favored most than females while giving out opportunities. In this theory, it is believed that females are born weaker than or the belief men are in holding public offices, (Wade and Ferree 132). Then from the above piece of work, we can raise questions like; Does gender really mean that we have different abilities? Can women be given opportunities do better in delivering? And are women really weaker sex in the real sense?

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