Pathologist in Forensic Science (essay)

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When you have a career in mind, it is important to also think of the college you will attend. To choose a right school, you have to put your future career in the front of your mind. After going to college and getting my undergraduate degree, there are still many steps in my life I will need to take before i am able to become a forensic pathologist. There is a large need for forensic pathologists and it is hard work but I know I will be about to reach my goal. The focus of this part of this research paper is a career as a forensic pathologist because of its interesting career overview, high paying salary, and its rigorous training.

What do forensic pathologist do?

There are many things that forensic pathologist do, but their main purpose is to perform post-mortems, also known as autopsies (“Forensic Pathologist”). They are trained and able to determine the time and cause of a person's death. They run tests on body tissue, urine, bile, hair, blood, nail clipping and anything that will help them figure out how a person died, weather it be of natural causes, suicide, homicide, or an accidental death. Why are forensic pathologist important? Forensic pathology is very important in finding vaccines and cures for diseases by finding out exactly how the person who was infected may have died. Determining the exact cause of death is the first step to finding a cure. Forensic pathology and other forensic techniques were not always as trusted as evidence as they are today; for example the OJ Simpson case in which he was accused of a double homicide. There was overwhelming evidence for him to be guilty but forensics was not as trusted as it is today and he was found innocent by a jury and the case was closed (“Forensic Pathologist- Crime Museum”).

After medical school

After completing medical school, I will need to do a pathology residency. While they make about $60,000 salary and certified forensic pathologist make more than double that, this salary is more than median salary in the United States and is possible to live off of. After completing my residency, I will need to complete a forensic pathology fellowship, which on average make $82,000 salary.

Salary of Forensic Pathologist

Once I complete my fellowship and become a certified forensic pathologist, I could start off making $100,000. The median pay of a forensic pathologist is $185,000 per year and the highest paid forensic pathologist can make up to $500,000 yearly (“Forensic Pathologist Salary & Job Description”).

Training Medical school

After earning a degree in forensic science I would need to go to medical school to get a M.D (doctor of medicine). Medical school takes another 4 years of school. When choosing a medical school, it is best to go with the cheapest option because all medical schools have the same overall classes, books and curriculum (“Forensic Pathology FAQ”).

Residency and Fellowship

After medical school, i need to complete a 4 to 5 years pathology residency. A pathology residency is hands-on training. Then, after completing my residency, i will do a forensic pathologist fellowship, which then i will be able to focus on my career, witch i will help perform autopsies and analyze samples.

I know that becoming a forensic pathologist is very hard work and that it will take many years of my life to become one but this subject interests me very much, it pays extremely well, and it is a very exciting job that I plan to do for the rest of my life. I know that I am capable of becoming a forensic pathologist and this one of my main life goals.

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