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BEOSP i.e. brain electrical oscillation signature profiling is a method or technique by which investigator find out criminal by draw out or evoke the suspect electrophysiological impulses. It is also known as brain fingerprinting as the technique interrogate brain impulses.


Every day, human brain receives millions of signals of information in different sensation whether it is touch, voice, or may be anything else. All these signals worked when a person work on that as well as produced new relationship as we proceed. This is considered in primary source. In secondary source when the person get information from other sources i.e. books, or conversation etc. In these brain directly deals as per the aspect. BEOSP is based on this principle, that is it demonstrate that the suspect?s primary statement is wright or wrong.


As we know, in today?s advanced world scientific techniques and technology dominating. BEOSP is one of them technology. After lot of research finally in year 2003 this technique developed by D.r. C.R. Mukundan. This is very useful in finding out knowledge about perpetrator or we can say that, very easily investigator can read their mind by this. So it is very important in forensic. In forensic department this tool generally used to find out experimental knowledge of the perpetrator in crime. Here, knowledge and remembrance are totally two different neuropsychological process in which knowing means facts or information that person has with or without familiarity whereas remembrance is the recall of events that happened in past or we can say that autobiographical details from person?s life. BEOSP programme does not measure knowledge but it measures remembrance of experimental knowledge that happened in past or what that person experienced from life.

Case of a young salesman

In this case, a young salesman was perpetrator to have killed his co-worker in order to grab the keys of locker of their shop as to steal. When investigation took place they find out that victim (dead person) and accuse both stay together in that shop. Victim is old worker of that shop so he has the key of locker of that shop. When he was murdered both were in shop in night. After murdered he disappeared. After few days he was found and arrested and after that he was sent to the psychology department for BEOSP and for other test. The result of this test came that he has involvement in murdered and report was submitted to the court. Expert also give statement and shows the report of brain mapping i.e. positive along with other eye witnesses.

Case of murder in family fight

In this case, father with one of his son murdered his another son. After dinner at night deceased was sleeping with his father and brother and when in morning his father try to wake up but he didn?t so he took him to the hospital where he was declared as death. In postmortem report it was declared cause of death as because of throttling with multiple internal chest and abdomen injuries. Because of this internal hemorrhages due to assault with hard and blunt objects. When investigation took place it was revealed that victim had physical fight with his father and brother and they beaten up for being drunk and harassing them and after that they are off to bed. In this case also expert test BEOSP with his father and brother and the report was positive so both were accused in court and judge gave his judgment and charges they get sec 302 of Indian Penal Code.


BEOSP (brain electrically oscillation signature profiling) is very useful technique or method in forensic psychology as it helps in investigation and finding out criminals so that they can be punished and judgment not get wrong or innocent person cannot be punished.

If BEOSP result is positive and this report supported or justify other direct or circumstantial evidences then it can be accepted as a supportive evidence under sec45 of Indian Evidence act.

But, if report was not supported by other evidences then it will not be accepted or that person will not be proofed culprit.

If the report is negative but other evidences that proofed that person is guilty then perpetrator was convicted. And also if result was negative, and if they are supportive of prosecution, the court may consider that the test was not taken fairly.

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