Opinion on Police Brutality

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The current strengths of the NYPD relate to the nature of the service they offer to the citizens. One important strength is the efficiency in conflict resolution measures. Whenever there is any form of conflicts or clashes within the city and the police are involved, the matter is settled quickly and professionally.

Another strength lies in the adaptability and flexibility of the officers. In the dynamic city environment, the police officers encounter several new aspects each day but are able to deal with them. As human nature, we tend to be brought down by the numbers of faults or problems. The same case applies to the NYPD. The police department has been connected with corruption several times.

This is in reference to bribery allegations. The NYPD has also been accused of using excessive force and instances of police brutality. According to the Innocence Project, police are trusted people in New York. This is the reason why they are always the first people to be contacted whenever there is a challenge or a situation that requires attention. However, police are also “feared” people. Above, we saw that the police have been accused of using excessive forces in their dealings. Trust level enhances police performance and confidence. The NYPD policing style is like a service, they fight crime.

I believe that a part of it goes by Community Policing. This type of policing is when the police and citizens work together to prevent crime by coming up with creative solutions. They do so through the use of well-devised policing strategies. This is done through data collection and implementation of technology such as street cameras. I think the police should have more empathy as they deal with people. There is no need to use excessive force when it is not necessary on an unarmed civilian. I also think the department should have more integrity to avoid being caught in corruption scandals.

Corruption in police departments can lead to many disadvantages and can affect the society in a negative way. The training of the police should be changed in a way that at the end, officers become more empathetic when it comes to dealing with civilians and not be brutal against them. By not physically beating unarmed criminals. Besides taking lessons at the shooting range, they should be trained on how to create a positive relationship with the civilians and how to work together. 

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