Elements of Pride in the Regency Era

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They had to spend their time with people from the same social class. In the Regency era, friendships were based on money, (on interests). Men from the elite class, refused to spend time with people who were below their rank. They had to respect the code of the class and not to stick with poor people.


There were too many expectations from a partner. Women needed a man who will give them both financial support and also happiness, whereas in the Victorian society this was reversed, because a woman who was from a lower class, tried to face reality and to work hard in order to become successful and independent.

In Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, the protagonist is ready to face reality and to work hard in order to become successful and independent. It does not desire to depend on a man, especially on one who

who clearly it makes her to feel insecure and inferior. Thus, she try to block this uncounscious thought of marrying with someone, who is able to give her even the moon, but could not make her happy, because she could not see him, more than a friend. She goes beyond the flesh’ s instincts and reflects about her role in a marriage which doesn’t permit her to be natural and to feel the love that everyone on this Earth is trying to find it.

In Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, the protagonist is ready to face reality and to work hard in order to become successful and independent, whereas Austen offers exactly the reality of the Regency era, in which women’s duty was to become wives, in order to escape from poverty.

Ashton said that, “hey were not interested in searching for a professional career”, because they were educated with the principle that only a man with a large estate, will offer them all the comfort in the world, without stressing themselves to work. Austen showed that, those who were from rich families didn’t have to struggle for a job, but they had to marry as soon as possible if they wanted to keep their tittle and to save themselves from poverty.

But his happened because of the education that they had received from thei mothers and because the state didn’t want to give them legal authority to possess any part of their family fortune. For this reason, a marriage was an economical refuge through which they were saved from the hardships of the reality. This is why Austen’s characters were so prudent in deciding the person to whom they will marry. They wanted to be rich, but also to be happy and to find love. In contrast, in Bronte’s fiction, a woman denied love and money, in order to discover her potential. Her protagonist, decided to follow her heart and to marry, if she felt that the feelings are really mutual, and there is no drop of ego.

Bronte proved (quote, - detached from the traditional woman) that a woman is capable to take life on his own hands in order to become independent and at the same time, to marry from love and not from any materialistic thought. Thus, she rejected all those ancient rules, and looked into the core of values of human nature in order to prove that a woman can defeat her integrity if she decides to prioritize herself.

Bronte proved that, a young woman, with a dark childhood, and also orphan, was capable to become so ambitious and to change her life, from an immature girl to a powerful woman who was capable to go to war to defeat her integrity and to impose respect. She had the qualities of a heroine, because she decided to follow her intuition like a leader, in order to discover and to presents her true values as a woman. She was more than a flesh and bones, because she know how to follow her inner serenity. Jane was a warrior and looked like Cleopatra, because she defeated her demons, and walked further in becoming rational in thought in order to make a way living through society and to be respected for who she was.

The idea of self-discovery it was used also in Austen’s novel, but in a different way. Her characters tried to discover each other through inflection. They displayed a rational thinking, because they had been trained and had access to libraries and they organized reading sessions. Thus, her characters tried to seek both the material and natural values in each others. They were emphatic, but they preferred to hide this side, because of their noble pride. They love was a mixture of sugar and salt, because some of they fall in love at first sight and others preferred to analyze every interaction in order to understand the nature of their feelings.

Indeed, they had ups and downs moments, because they let pride to eat their sensibility. They couldn’t follow their eart so easily, because they tried to block their nurturing sentiments, in order to not become weak in public, and to attain more clarity to judge and to see if it is worth to fight for what they called love. They gentlemen could marry with everyone, but they had high principles, especially Mr. Darcy who perceived a women to be. It is specified in Chapter X, that a women besides beauty, needs to have intelligence and to be from the same class.

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