Why was Nelson Mandela Important?

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On July 18,1918 Nelson Mandela was born, in Nvezo South Africa. He grew up in a village of Nvezo in Umtata the part of South Africa cape Drovince. Nelson Mandela live a normal life, he grew up with his 6 sister’s and 3 brother’s in there mother kraal in the village of Qunu where he spent much of his time playing outside with the other boys, his mother Noqaphi Nosekeni and his father Gadia Henry were illiterate. He really didn’t get to have a relationship with his father because his dad died when he was nine year old do to lung disease. When he was nine Nelson Mandela mother send him to a local Methodist school later on he went to Heaidtown Comprenensive high school. Nobody in influenced him the ones that influenced was Mathatma Gandhi, Walter Sisuiu and Albert lutuli . Nelson has 3 wives, his First wife was Evelyn Mase since 1944-1958 who has 3 kids with gim 2 boys and 1 girl , his second wife was Winnie Mandela since 1958-1996 who had 2 girls with Nelson Mandela, his last wife was Graca Michel he was 80 years old when he was with her they didn’t have kids together but all his wife played a big role in his life.

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“Why was Nelson Mandela Important?”

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Nelson Mandela changed life in South Africa, the freedom and equality he gave them is still going amongst the people hearts. He wrote 30 books but his most popular book he wrote was the long walk to freedom it was published in 1994 by little brown, he wrote the book when he was just 27 years old. Mandela received more than 260 awards over 40 years the most important award he received was the nobel peace prize in 1993 . He got all his strengths firm prison, Nelson personal mistake was starting a revolution that involved violence. He didn’t like what he was doing so he was determined to change the life of South Africa for the better and to achieved his other goals. He did end up accomplishing many things in his long life , he became the president of South Africa after many year of hard work and patience he never gave up by making South Africa better again .

Mandela was the world most admired and the most revered public figure he. Was a man of peace, he showed the world what forgiveness look like in South Africa, he was a positive, thinking white what he could do. South Africa said the only bad decisions that Nelson Mandela did when he retire for being president and he trusted that his successors were if quality. Unfortunately it all comes to a end Nelson Mandela passed away December 5,2013 do to a respiratory tract infection, people still keep his memory alive by celebrating his legacy with #mandeladay, a social media campaign to inspire positive change in our would. Luminaries like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton’s and Bill Gates are posting their memories of Mandela, along with their own take in the message that each person has the ability and responsibility to make positive difference in the world. Interesting fact about Nelson Mandela birth name Rolihlahla means to pull a beach of a tree and troublemaker.

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