Native-Americans in French and Indian War

The Native-Americans had to face many battles and transitions throughout years. Three main transitions included the French and Indian War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. All of these events impacted the Native-Americans in different ways. Some of the impacts were positive and some were negative. In this essay I will discuss the removal of the French after the French and Indian war, the creation of an independent United States after the American Revolution, and the removal of the British after the War of 1812.

The French and Indian War is also known as The Seven Years War. It was a battle between Great Britain and France (Kline, 2014). Although Great Britain defeated France, Great Britain was in a financial crisis. Due to the defeat of France, the French were removed from North America. The Native Americans seen the removal of the French as an opportunity to move west and colonize. However, the British did not allow them to do so. The British imposed taxes including the Sugar Act and Stamp Act on the Americans. Those acts were placed to help Britain out of their debt from the war. The Americans responded with rebellion and demanding their freedom from Great Britain. The end result of Great Britain’s actions led to the Revolutionary War.

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The Native Americans declared their independence from Great Britain after the American Revolution. The American Revolution is also known as the Revolutionary War and lasted for eight years (Willard, 2019). Even though the war had ended the Americans still had many obstacles to overcome. They had to fight the colonists until 1795 (Declan, 2019) and they also had to figure out how to function and form a new government. Although they had a difficult time deciding on what type of government and how much power that government held, the major advantage to the American Revolution was that the Americans had their freedom and were no longer under the British government.

The stress from the American Revolution caused the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was a battle between the US and Great Britain. The Americans were angry related to trading problems which resulted in the war. Neither the Americans nor Great Britain were prepared for it. The war continued for three years and both agreed there was not much to gain. The Treaty of Ghent took place to end the war and allowed land to be given back to its original owner as an end result neither won. The Native Americans had a positive outcome of this war. They were able to keep their land and the British were removed. They did not back down from Britain during the war and even though they did not win, they were not defeated either.

In conclusion, the Native Americans had to overcome and defeat many difficulties thrown at them. They continued to fight for their freedom and independence and did not stop until they accomplished that. Many things could have went wrong and could have resulted in the history of the Native Americans changing. They were able to fight for what they wanted in the future and as a result that’s why the US is known as the land of opportunity today.

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