Native American Indian Reflection

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Some of the issues that cause the Indian Revolt were that they had Diverse Political, Economic, Military, Religious and Social Causes. The diverse political cause was when the tribes had to move within their country or away from their country. The land that they claimed they would have to move away from the land. Some of their economic causes were destruction of agriculture, heavy taxation and destruction of trade. When they had heavy taxation it had led to extreme poverty. Poor people were forced to take loans from the people who were lending money who would often remove them from their homes. When the destruction of trade had started happening the indian goods that were purchased by the british were exported out of india. This one way trade had started leading to destruction of indian manufacturing industries.

The change that could have overall change the decimation of the many tribes were communication. The indians could communicate with the U.S army (whites) rather than starting war. Both sides could have come up with a way where they could share the goods and the lands rather than starting wars that had killed many of the indians and white men. Each time the wars were started over land or goods that they were both interested in the indians would lose more tribal members and the white men would lose more soldiers. Why risk people's lives over something "small" and fight over it rather than interact with each other to figure a way where both sides get what they want and no one will get hurt or killed? The indians and the whites both had the same wants and needs. They were both wanting them in different ways, but, what could have happened rather than starting war over what they wanted/needed was to talk it over. If talking it over ended up not working than war could have been their second choice, but, they did not need to jump right into war.

What had affected me the most about how the regal people were treated was that it made me pretty disappointed. It was upsetting to know they were treated very high, while the people who were not as high were treated like they weren't worth a dime. Even though everyone comes from a higher state being. If you weren't as high as others then you were treated differently (with snickering, rude comments, treated disrespectfully). I feel as if I learned a lot through this chapter's study. I learned many things such as how the Indians wars had begun, what begun the wars, how the whites treated the indians, what the indians did to protect their land and how much respect they had for the land they had claimed and named. I am very surprised about the many things that the indians had gone through just so that they can keep their land. They never gave up, they always fought to their fullest and I loved that. This chapter's study has also inspired to always fight for what's right and to keep going.

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